Filing ITR In 2021


The government has launched a new platform for e-filing and filing taxes right from the comfort of our homes! The e-filing portal can be found here. It offers brilliant taxpayer services, including the option for taxpayers to file tax returns without visiting a tax office and offers return processing in days. The government is even planning on developing a mobile app for access to all

A new tax regime has been introduced under budget 2020! Taxpayers now have an option to pay taxes at a lower rate. The decision is left to the taxpayer whether they want to pay as per the new regime; however, one essential requirement is that they should not claim any exemptions. This regime is most beneficial for salaried individuals as it allows them to plan their investments

It’s that time of year again! You may have missed making an investment last year and want to know what will give you the most deductions. Whether you choose to calculate your tax before filing or take the best option for you after, we can help.

It’s that time of year again! The ITR forms have been released, and you can find the latest changes on page 4. This time, there are some exceptions for single taxpayers and those who own a house.