6 Things to Look Out For While Choosing Your Garage Door


Commercial spaces and industrial buildings are on the rise day by day with new businesses opening up. Unlike residential buildings, their entry and exit points are considerably bigger.

For ease of movement of big vehicles and machines in and out of the building, commercial garage doors are used. If you’ve been meaning to buy excellent products for your space as well, companies such as Portes de garage commerciales Garex are the best suppliers of commercial garage doors.

While choosing the garage doors for your commercial building, some of the key factors to keep in mind are as follows:-

  1. Type of material used.
  2. Size of the door.
  3. Insulation grade of doors.
  4. Thickness of door
  5. Finish the material used.
  6. Frequency of opening and closing.

By choosing reputed commercial garage door companies like Garex, you will be guided through these aforementioned factors by experts to pick the best choice for your building. No matter the size of the door, professionals will always have a suitable option for you.

Purpose of Insulated Garage Doors:

To save energy bills for your enterprise, garage doors are mostly insulated. But this insulation should reflect on all parts of the building to optimize saving energy.

That is why your commercial garage door needs to be insulated with quality material.

  1. Insulated garage doors from companies such as Garex have multiple layers of material to ensure that your building is not losing or gaining undesired temperature.
  2. Depending on the size of vehicles and the load they carry in and out of your commercial space, garage doors have to be designed.

Depending upon the size of vehicles, garage doors can be classified as follows:

  • Light commercial.
  • Heavy-duty commercial.
  • Industrial.

The first two classes have 2” hardware components installed. But, industrial-grade garage doors will have 3” hardware mounts.

The light commercial garage door is less heavy compared to heavy-duty garage doors, while industrial is the heaviest.

Depending on the frequency of opening and closing your garage door, one of the above three can be selected.

The material used influences the insulation factor and the weight and finish of your garage door. Well-established companies like Garex offer you a wide range of materials to choose from.

Aluminum, steel, and full glazed are common materials used, but the flexibility to customize the type of material is always available.

One other factor that should be kept in mind is the color of the garage door. Normally, two colors will be available in stock. But elite companies offer the flexibility to choose different color options.

In a nutshell, commercial garage doors are the best options to keep your entry-exit pathways effective and optimal.