Top 5 Casino Card Games


The casino is the most loved game among people of older age, mostly because it involves a price consideration and if played well with good strategy, can help you will a fat amount of money. There are several casino games are available in the world, some people prefer playing in casinos while some play offline or in their private space to maintain privacy.

Due to pandemic online gambling, Malaysia has seen a tremendous hike in online games as to avoid boredom people started playing these casino games and got hooked on them. But if you are new to a casino and don’t know much about the games and rules, but loves to play some fun card games then from the below list you can get the idea of the top casino card games played everywhere.

  1. Baccarat– It’s one of the well-known games of casinos, it involves three different kinds of games namely, baccarat chemin de fer, baccarat Banque, and North American Baccarat. Under these games, players get to make their own choices. It’s a simple game where you don’t have to plot many strategies, play with fun and let your lady luck do the rest.
  1. Roulette– This is the most fun casino game which is played on wheels, players have to bet in different combinations, numbers, shapes, or colors and then the person in charge spins the wheel, and if you are lucky enough the ball will stop on the number or color of your choice. This game is very famous in almost every casino and you must have also seen people playing it in movies.
  1. Three Card Poker- Also known as ‘teen Patti is a very famous casino game which is just like regular poker but involves huge winning. This game is one of the profitable games and it’s the most revenue generated game in the online blackjack Malaysia Under this game, there are two modes, Ante and play where you make bets on cards of other people, and Pair plus bet where the bet gets increased in every play.  However since this game is played worldwide, every casino has its own rules and pattern of playing three-card poker.
  1. Vegas 3 Card Rummy Game- This game is played with a deck of 52 cards where the person in charge or dealer will hand over three cards to you and you have to make the value of your card similar to the value of the dealers’ card or more than that after sit back and wait for the results if the number is in even you win and can get the raised money as consideration.
  1. Blackjack- Also known as Twenty One is also one of the most played casino games in the world. Many people prefer to play this online blackjack Malaysia rom their homes. Under this game, you don’t play with other players but with the dealer and you have to beat the cards of your dealer’s hand to win, you have to make twenty-one points from the first two cards.