Embracing Comfort While Quarantining: Celebrity Styles Decoded 


Nature has finally hit the PAUSE BUTTON. It has asked humans to slow down and look around. Countries have stopped. Transports are shut. Social distancing is embraced. 

We are definitely in times that will be written down in history books. The only good thing about this time is, it has given all of us a chance to hit the RESET button, attend to our hobbies and finally ponder about what exactly we want from this life. 

Just imagine the satisfaction of snuggling into our blanket and binge watch all those Netflix series that you have been craving to watch.  

No! we are not asking you to quit socializing altogether and adopt a hermit lifestyle. Please plug-in the zoom calls, call your friends, text your crush but amidst all this—embrace comfort. 

And by comfort we do not mean you strut around in that worn-out boyfriend T and those loose PJs. Keep up with the style quotient because the way you dress up directly affects your psychology and your mental well-being. 

Don’t know how to do it?        

Well, learn it from the celebrities.            

So, here we line up four celebrity inspired quarantining outfit ideas that ought to be your inspiration as you relax at the comfort of your home. 

Bring out your sisterly charm like JhanviKapoor

For some women, girlfriends are love and regular slumber parties are a norm. For those fun-filled nights with cheesy discussions about ex-lovers, books, and make-up, slim-fit cotton PJs are a perfect companion. Well, of course you can’t invite a friend over as you quarantine but if you have a sister then you have a best friend for life. 

Deepika in her Cami Pajamas 

As women, we all have an inkling for going to best malls in Delhi like Select CITYWALK and splurging on luxury items even if it is something as regular as the PJs. And why not if it gives you some pleasure. Embroidered pajamas are sassy, fine, and exude classiness. This is what DeepikaPadukone is doing as she spends some quality time with hubby Ranveer Singh. 

Embrace comfort in button-down PJs like Sonam

Sonam has the ability to turn even the most mundane of things into style. That’s what she exactly does with the button-down silk PJs as she quarantines in her Delhi home with husband AnandAhuja. Satin and silk are two garments that ooze royalty as they both are silky-soft fine fabric. Often women buy robes and nighties in this particular category but having a satin pajama in your wardrobe is also equally important. If you have something in pastel shades of off-white, pink, and sea-green then you can pair it up with a camisole as well. 

Nothing can be more comfortable outfit to settle down as you finally sit for work from home. 

So as you spend all your time indoors with your family these days, do embrace comfort by taking cues of the above mentioned celebrities.