Why Technology And Sleep Should Always Stay Away From Each Other?


Smartphones, tablets, computers, and laptops have become an inevitable part of our modern life. We are so much addicted to this tech lifestyle that it becomes tough to put them down even at bedtimes. Therefore, these gadgets became our companion and partner in bed. Maintaining good sleep hygiene is critical in everyone’s life. Despite having high education and technical knowledge about everything around the world, we still don’t realize how harmful these electronic gadgets could be in our lives and how badly it can affect our overall health mentally and physically. Keeping them away from bed is not a great deal, it just requires a little bit of conscious effort to improve sleep quality. This blog will help you understand how these gadgets affect your health and why and how you need to stay away from them during bedtime:

They block Melatonin Production

Melatonin is associated with sleep and circadian rhythm. However, the use of blue light-emitting electronic gadgets like cell phones, laptops, and television can hinder the production of melatonin, a hormone that controls the sleep-wake upcycle. Reduced level of this hormone makes it difficult to fall asleep. Hence transform your bedroom into a technology-free green zone and make it a bedtime routine to stay away from electronic gadgets. Give a transition time of at least 30 minutes before bedtime to get your brain on track and associate with sleep.

Your Brain will be Alert

Some people have a habit of watching a movie or a favorite television show before bedtime. You may feel it harmless initially. But your mind will be engaged with so many thoughts that confuse your brain and keeps you awake. Similarly, taking your work into the bedroom and replying to emails during bedtime can make it tough for your mind to relax and fall asleep. At least let your brain unwind from gadgets during bedtime since we are spending the whole day with technology.

You will Stay Awake

Even if you don’t use your cell phone, keeping them nearby or inside the bedroom, is as harmful as using them at bedtime. Leaving your smartphones mute also will disturb your sleep as the flashlights give a glimpse as you receive any text, email, or a call. This will automatically stimulate your brain and keeps you awake. This will highly compromise on your seven to eight hours of quality sleep. Parents should be role models for children by staying away from these gadgets at bedtime. Children should be brought up with discipline and good habits so that they can improve their performance and be a good civilian.

Have you been tossing and turning every night? It’s time for you to take a tech-free bedtime challenge. We have so many advanced technologies and innovative methods to control the lights in your bedroom so that you have a sound and restful sleep and wake up rejuvenated. Employ some of these techniques in your bedroom to alter the lights. Still, if you don’t find any difference in your sleep quality, the root cause may be smarter than blue lights, opine experts from Wakefit. Then you should probe into other possible culprits like mattresses, pillows, linen, etc.

Red LED night lights will do less harm compared to blue lights in the release of melatonin. Likewise, many other devices can help alter the light in your bedroom. Certain bulb manufacturers have programmed bulbs to dim it as you slip off into sleep and turn on when you wake up and the alarm goes off. The new trend in the home lighting industry is wireless control of the lighting system through apps on your smartphone or computer. Also, it has other interesting features like adjusting the brightness, managing the localized lighting system, dimming the overhead lights in your bed for reading a book while another partner is sleeping. Blue light filters can be used on various screens to minimize the exposure to blue light before bedtime. This can be turned off during day time and switched on during the nights. Despite having advanced technologies, nothing can beat the rhythm of natural light.

If you can’t wake up without hitting the alarm on your cell phone, go back to your school days and use those without lights. Plugin your smartphone in the living area and leave it for charging. Using an eye mask will be another great way to block exposure to any blue light from the ambiance. Whatever advanced technologies you install in your bedroom to improve sleep quality, nothing can be as beneficial as following the rhythm of nature. Allow the natural light to control your routine. You will be surprised to see the difference and find out how easily you can fall asleep and wake up when you follow the sun and moon.