Do Elf Bars Expire? And How Long Do They Last? Smoke Alley in Houston.


How Long Do Elf Bars Last?

The question “How long do Elf Bars last?” is one we often hear at Smoke Alley as we are a major retailer of Elf Bar vapes in Texas. Although it is a simple question, the answer depends on more than one variable. Several different disposable vape pen designs from Elf Bar are now available, each with its own battery life. The Elf Bar BC3500, Elf Bar BC5000 Ultra, Elf Bar BC5000, and the Lost Mary OS5000 are all available to vapers. The Elf Bar BC3500 has less vape juice than other models; therefore, it won’t last as long. The BC3500, according to Elf Bar, provides around 3500 puffs. Customers often like the Elf Bar BC5000 gadget since it is the most widely purchased product. The Elf Bar BC5000 is advertised as a disposable, rechargeable vaporizer capable of producing 5000 puffs. Manufacturers determine the “puff count” by simulating the number of puffs a user can take with the device before the liquid is depleted. While this is the most accurate approximation possible, many vapers find that their actual experience entails fewer puffs than stated. When vaping, everyone takes their own unique “hit” or “puff,” which might need more or less juice depending on personal preference. Users who inhale more deeply will need to refill their vape juice more often than those who take shallower draws.

What is a Puff Tally?

A disposable vape’s useful life is always expressed in terms of puffs. There will be a projected puff count shown for each disposable. The number of puffs indicates how often a disposable vaporizer can be “puffed” before being refilled. For instance, a puff count of 600 should be approximately equivalent to 600 pulls from that device. Puff counts, however, are notoriously imprecise since the methods used to quantify or estimate them vary widely across brands. Our research has shown that claimed puff counts are often inflated, maybe by manufacturers trying to boost sales or simply because they assume most vapers inhale extremely gently. As a result, the actual number of puffs you receive out of your Elf Bar vape pen may be lower than the manufacturer claims if you take particularly deep hits.

Do Elf Bars Expire?

Elf Bars can be kept for up to two years after production if kept out of direct sunlight and in a cool, dark environment. If the battery hasn’t died, that is. The vape juice is an Elf Bar’s sole component with a shelf life. It is possible that e-juice might expire. However, this is not the same as spoiled food. The nicotine salt used in vape juice has a very long shelf life. It may even become brown with age, but it is no indication that it has gone bad. The “expiration date” of an e-juice is often determined by its initial constituent. Typically, it means up to two years after the product was first released. It is advised that one should buy an Elf Bar that hasn’t been around for more than 2 years.

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