Fight the Covid-19 Blues with a Personal Health Tracker on Your Wrist



The whole world is dealing with one of the biggest pandemics witnessed in the past few decades. What started as a contagious virus in the central city of Wuhan, in China has now become a global pandemic that has brought the world we knew to a halt. Within the time frame of a few months, Coronavirus has resulted in 1,92,000 deaths across the globe. Apart from China, the virus has established strong roots in Italy, Spain, the USA, and Iran among other nations. As a result of the severe impact of this disease, countries world over have announced lockdown, compelling their citizens to be confined to their homes. Every health organization including the World Health Organization and government agencies are spreading the importance of social distancing as one of the most effective methods of controlling the virus.

The lockdown has resulted in varied reactions among the citizens. One section of the society that is finding it particularly challenging to adapt to this new lifestyle includes the fitness enthusiast and gym-goers. Ensuring proper workouts and maintaining an active routine can get tough in such times. However, we should not lose sight of the importance of workout, now more than ever. Individuals in the higher age bracket and ones with low immunity are known to be more susceptible to the virus. To keep yourself safe and out of danger, you need to develop a fitness regime and eat healthy. You will find no dearth of home workout videos and tips online specifically designed for the quarantine life. Social media platforms, YouTube, blogging websites, and fitness companies are all working to provide you with the best way to sweat!

Keeping a track of your workout without an instructor or gym equipment can get tricky. This is where smart watches come to your rescue. Every major watch brand has its own smartwatch that not only acts as an extended version of your phones but also helps you keep track of the number of calories burnt. Among the most popular smart watches in today’s time is the iConnect collection by Timex. Timex has the reputation of being one of the most reliable and advanced watch brands. They have produced classic and elegant watches for ladies and men for many years now. A personal favourite and popular variation is the Timex iConnectonnect Active collection from the iConnect range. The watches in this collection are the perfect combination of sleek aesthetics and advanced technology.

These fitness trackers can help you keep a track of your health in the following manner:

  1. Watch your steps: One of the easiest ways to maintain your health and keep yourself active is to have taken atleast 10,000 steps per day. You can easily count the number of steps you have taken by using a smart watch as they have an in built pedometer. It is an effective feature that motivates you to be on the move within your house itself.
  2. Calorie tracker: Most of the smart watches have a calorie tracker installed along with steps and distance tracker. They keep tabs on the calories you burn with the physical activities performed during the day. Whether it’s from dancing, skipping or indoor exercise, it turns out to be a highly beneficial feature.
  3. Sleep tracker: With no office or gym, our routine and sleep cycle can take a major hit during the lockdown. Binge watching shows and staying up late at night has become the norm for some people. But lack of sleep and an irregular sleep pattern can have major health consequences in the long run. A smart watch keeps you updated on the number of sleep hours you get. It assists you in improving the quality and the quantity of sleep as per your requirement.

Although it can get quite difficult to find the motivation to indulge in physical activity during a lockdown, it is an essential step that we need to take in order to remain fit. You can decide on fitness challenges with your friends or plan a family workout to make it a fun activity. If you are looking for a nice smart watch for yourself, Timex has an amazing collection that you can go through. They are after all one of the best wrist watch brands in India.