Why is Composite Timber Better for Pool Decks?


A pool deck is a fun addition to have for any swimming pool area. But before you construct your pool deck, you need to think about which material is best to use for it.

Most people will choose traditional hardwood material to construct their pool decks. However, you might find it more valuable to use composite timber rather than natural timber.

Composite is a manufactured timber consisting of 50% recycled plastic and 50% recycled wood fibres.

There are many advantages to having a pool deck made of composite timber versus natural timber.

Below are six reasons that composite timber is the best material to use for pool decks.

1) Less Maintenance

The number one reason to use composite timber is less maintenance. Natural timber requires a much bigger obligation in terms of maintenance.

Besides cleaning it frequently, you need to sand and stain the natural wood to preserve its lifespan.

Composite timber might be a tad more expensive to purchase initially, but you are getting a material that lasts longer on its own.

Many composite timbers are formulated to prevent discolouration and fading. Your only obligation is to clean the composite periodically with some warm water and mild soap.

2) More Variety and Features

Composite timber can be manufactured in several different ways. Some of which include additional features to strengthen the wood, such as UV protection from the sunlight and scratch resistance.

You have the freedom to customize your composite timber to adapt to your surrounding environment.

But when using natural timber, you do not have this freedom. Things like sunlight and scratches are inevitable with it.

3) Looks Like Natural Wood

The colours and patterns of natural timber look beautiful on a pool deck, but that does not mean you need to use natural wood for it.

You can have your composite timber capped with embossed plastic that resembles natural wood colours and patterns.

When people see your pool deck, they will not be able to tell the difference. They will assume you have a natural wood pool deck.

The look will stay fresh because the plastic layer on the surface reduces scratches and UV fading.

4) Environmentally Friendly

Do you care about protecting and preserving the natural environment? Ironically, the best way to remain environmentally friendly is with an unnatural pool deck.

Since composite timber consists of recycled plastics, it does two things to help the environment. First, it prevents more hardwood trees from being cut down for their timber.

Second, it prevents more plastic from ending up in landfills and ocean water. Therefore, an investment in a composite timber pool deck has many benefits for you and the rest of the world.

Do your part to protect the environment while enjoying a low maintenance pool deck at the same time.

5) Impermeable to Water

Pool decks are often exposed to water. Whether it is splashed water from the pool or rainwater from the sky, you can be sure that pool decks will always stay wet.

Unless you want to clean your pool deck every day, then you will want to have a composite timber-based deck.

Composite timber is impervious to water, which means that water cannot pass through and damage its internal fibres.

As a result, composite timber does not rot or attract as much mould and mildew. You also will not have to worry about slippage either.

The plastic surface is made with a non-slip texture, which reduces slip and fall accidents tremendously.

6) Hide the Fasteners

Natural wood pool decks require you to use nails and screws to secure the boards into the frame.

The nails and screws are visible on the surface and might cause someone to scrape their foot on them. They can even cause cracking and rotting of the wood too.

The great thing about composite timber is that you can hide the fasteners underneath the

deck. Meanwhile, the surface looks completely clean and spotless.

There are no weak points that could cause cracks in the wood or accidents with people.