10 websites every taxi driver should know about


Whether you are an experienced ‘cabbie’ with years of driving under your belt, a Black Cab driver, an Uber driver or are licenced as a taxi driver by your local council, you need all the help you can get to make sure your career choice is profitable and fun at the same time. In the digital age, there’s lots of help out there for everyone – as long as you know where to look!

To help you, we’ve put together a list of websites that are specifically designed to cater to taxi drivers. From insurance to the best place to buy a second-hand Black Cab, forums and legal advice, here’s our pick of the best. If you know of any others that may help out your fellow taxi drivers, why not drop us a link in the comments section?

The National Taxi Association

For almost 60 years, the NTA has been representing the interests of taxi drivers across the UK. Their regularly updated website contains a wealth of information, including advice on legal assistance, updated legislation, and blogs. It’s a place where taxi drivers can put up questions to the DoT and the Secretary of State for Transport, and get up-to-the-minute reports on everything from emissions zones and licencing changes to region-specific information.

Taxi Driver Online

Driving a taxi in Hull can be a lonely existence, and unless you’re in the trade, it can be difficult to find other people to talk to. This popular forum covers a huge range of topics from those working in the industry every single day. From legislation and licencing to somewhere simply to sound off about roadworks on the M25, this is the place for all taxi drivers.

Uber Drivers Forum

Specifically designed for Uber drivers, this huge forum is broken down into specific regions (such as London, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester etc) and lets Uber drivers talk to one another in a friendly and relaxed environment. From licence-to-operate debates to bus lane closures, it’s an essential website to pin to your favourites if you drive an Uber.


Originally set up by London Black Cabbies in response to the ever-growing popularity of Uber, TaxiApp allows passengers to hail a Black Cab that’s close to their location. For Black Cab drivers, this particular app can be a real boost to drive up takings, and fill in those gaps in the day when roadside hails may be thin on the ground.

Gov.uk Taxi Driver Licensing information

if you’re new to the world of taxi driving, or want to make sure you are adhering to all current licencing legislation in the UK, the gov.uk site offers a rich source of up-to-date information on the exact legal requirements for taxi drivers right across the country. This page links to other relevant information such as the different legislation concerning hailed and private hire taxis, as well as specific information relating to driving a taxi in the capital.

Taxi Library

This is a truly fascinating site for anyone who is interested in the history of taxi driving through the decades. From the first lady drivers through to the taxi in modern art, it’s full of interesting information for both drivers and those who are just interested in the taxi’s part in the development of modern culture. It covers taxi driving both in the UK and around the world, and is a great place for anyone who wants to research the social and economic impact of the industry as a whole.

Back Fares

one of the least economical runs you can do as a taxi driver is the dreaded ‘airport job’. It can result in a lot of dead miles (where you get no payment), and bookings are often at awkward times of the day when the chances of finding a return fare are low. Back Fares helps you maximise every mile by putting passengers in touch with drivers who want to fill empty vehicles travelling to and from all European airports. It’s a smart app that can really help taxi drivers fill those empty seats and earn much more revenue from those regular airport runs.


Whether you plan to blog about your experiences as a taxi driver or set up your own website on a budget, Wix is a flexible, free platform that lets you reach out to customers, connect with other taxi drivers, and expand your business’ market penetration, without costing a fortune. You can create your own customised domain, or use their templates to set up your site in minutes. You can also optimise it for mobile users, which puts Wix ahead of many of the older, more out-of-date blogging websites.

Easy Accountancy

This easy-to-use site helps you keep your books in order, and is packed with useful information for going self-employed. They also have an informative blog – look out for their guide on how to become a self-employed taxi driver.

Park Insurance

Everyone who drives as a taxi driver, regardless of whether you’re a private hire driver, an Uber driver, or a Black Cab driver, needs insurance. However, finding the right kind of packages (and at affordable prices) can be a challenge. Park Insurance specialises in niche insurance cover, and is an approved broker for some of the largest insurance providers in the country. With years of experience in sourcing insurance for taxi drivers, we have the know-how and the understanding to find you a good deal at the right price.

The internet has a wealth of information and advice for both experienced cabbies, and those who are new to the industry. From building your own website to dealing with everyday finances, knowing where to get the cheapest petrol or how to connect with other drivers, there’s a website or app for pretty much every aspect of taxi driving in the UK.