What Makes A Good Wedding Day?


The moment someone pops you “THE” question, you have to start preparing for the big day. While everyone dreams of a spectacular hassle-free wedding, a little drama is what generally happens during the course of the day. Months and months of preparations and rehearsals all come down to one big day. In all the rush and stressful environments, brides, bridesmaids, and family members forget to catch up on a good night’s rest. Everything at a wedding must be picture perfect and the bride keeps a constant check on things even while walking down the aisle. 

Follow these tips mentioned below that make YOUR wedding day as special as you are:

  • Deciding a theme: Deciding a theme for the wedding is dependent on a lot of factors. The theme of a wedding helps in deciding the attire of the bridesmaids, floral arrangements, location, and time of the wedding. A theme helps you narrow down the vast pool of options and focus on what you need. Once the important aspects of a wedding are taken care of, the rest is a piece of cake. Speaking of cake, a wedding theme also helps you decide what kind of cake you’d like at your wedding. 
  • Rehearsals: To enjoy a good wedding day couples can delegate the wedding preparations. Hiring a wedding planner may be expensive but they take a huge burden off of your shoulders. Last but not the least, organizing a wedding rehearsal a few days before the wedding can also reduce a lot of stress. Starting from the wedding march to every event in a wedding, all aspects must be rehearsed to work out the little kinks. Rehearsal dinners are part of planning a wedding which allows the couple to be prepared for the main event. 
  • Pre-wedding Shoot: A pre-wedding shoot saves the newlywed couple a lot of time. Yes, it is mandatory to click pictures on the wedding day, but a pre-wedding photoshoot is less stressful. The happy couple can relax and shoot in their wedding attire at any location of their choice. They can even organize a pre-wedding shoot with the bridesmaids and groomsmen in advance. This leaves them with ample time to click candid pictures on their wedding day with all their guests. The idea is to cut down on stress and be able to enjoy the special occasion as much as possible. 

In Conclusion

A good wedding day firstly must be enjoyed by the newlyweds and then guests. If the couple is stressed out they won’t be able to give their attention to anyone. A combination of seamless efforts put in by everyone is what makes a good wedding day, followed by an extravagant wedding reception. 

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