What Is So Special About The Rolex Watch?


Rolex is the universe of its own: respected; very much admired; also valued; & well known across the universe. Yet, sometimes a person sits back & thinks about all this Rolex is & does & finds this harder to trust that they make the watches at the end of the day.

The purpose of this blog is not to give you an inside look at this Rolex. That is not possible just because, as of now, there is a strict “no photography” policy at this Rolex. There is a very real mystique behind this manufacture just because they are very much closed & their operations are not so much public. Read to see more (ดูเพิ่มเติม, which is the term in Thai) attractive things about Rolex. They utilize the expensive & match challenging to machine the steel just because this looks better.

Maximum watch lovers are familiar with the fact that this Rolex utilizes the type of steel that no one else uses. However, stainless steel is not all the same. Generally, steel comes in multiple types & grades. And maximum steel is created from the kind of stainless steel known as 316L.

Rolex used similar steel as everyone else, but around 2003 they moved the inter steel production to the 904L steel.

And in 1988 realized their first steel was with the few versions of that sea Dweller. This is more rust and corrosion-resistant and is somewhat more complicated than other steel. But, most essential to Rolex is that 904L steel, while walking appropriately, can also check the polishes incredibly well.

Rolex Pasta Scientific Lab Of Its Own

Provided everything Rolex has done over the years, they should not come after surprised that they have an internal research and development department. But this Rolex takes this well beyond that. Rolex has not just one but various types of exceptionally well-equipped professional science labs at their multiple facilities.

The actual purpose of these lamps is not just to research new watches and the things that can go into the watches but also to research more effective and efficient manufacturing methods. One way of looking at Rolex is that they are an extremely competent and almost organized manufacturing company that occurs to make timepieces. 


Rolex labs are as diverse as they are amazing. Perhaps the most visually interesting is this chemistry lab. The Rolex chemistry lab is full of highly trained scientists, full of beakers & tubes which carry liquids & gases. What is it mainly utilized for? Rolex stated that this lab is utilized for developing & researching oils & lubricants, which they utilize in the machines during this manufacturing process. To see more about this, you can also visit the website of this watch.