5 Fashion Tips To Style A Guess Bag


Nothing can ruin an outfit as quickly as selecting a bad handbag. So, when you have the most amazing evening gown to wear out with your date and bring that huge tote bag to accessorize it with, you know you’ve just ruined the outfit.

Instead, you should style it with a simple clutch or a cross-body with a golden chain to add elegance to it.

Whether you are someone who is obsessed with handbags or someone who just carries handbags to put in keys, phones, and some money, you will find this post exciting. 

So, ensuring that you pay attention to the type of bag you should wear for which occasion, here are extremely important fashion tips to style a Guess bag.

Let’s Go!

#1 Add Colors/Prints to your Handbag Collection

Adding a touch of print or colour is a great way to break the monotonic effect and add fun to any of your outfits. 

If you are wearing a monochromatic dress, adding signature colours like red, neon, blue, or bright yellow will add more drama to your dress instead of making it look boring. 

In fact, the handbag can also be a neutral colour. For example, imagine wearing a head-to-toe black dress with a neon-coloured handbag. 

You can hardly go wrong with it. You can also do the same with prints, like a checkered tote with a simple white dress. 

#2 Carry the Correct Size Bag According to your Outfit

Always pay attention to your body frame and stature while styling a Guess bag. So, pay special attention to proportions. 


For example, if you are petite and carrying a large tote bag, you may appear to be carrying a travel bag. 


The same goes if you are a taller person. Carrying a bag that is too small for your stature or far too small for your body frame can make you appear larger. 


It is important to pay attention to wearing the right size so it can complement your body. 

#3 Consider the Season

In summers you would often choose to wear bright coloured outfits with pastels being the most prominent. This gives you a summery and breezy look. While in Winter, people typically reach to pick more dark-toned clothes. 


So, you should also apply the same while picking a handbag. If you have some lighter shades like white, beige, mauve, or blush tones like pink, make sure to choose summery, light-blush tones with your outfit in the summer season. Make sure to add seasonal options to your Guess handbag collection. 

#4 Mix and Match

It is impossible to buy a handbag each time you buy a dress. And therefore, the best solution is to try mixing and layering your Guess handbag with different handbags. 

And the most important thing while mixing and matching your bags is to maintain the overall balance of the look. If your handbag is more flashy and blingy, then wearing a cladded dress is rarely flattering. Instead, keep your dress light-toned and avoid wearing clashing patterns.

Keeping your outfit balanced is the key here to put everything together perfectly. Make sure the handbag and outfit complement each other so the purse does not blend in. 

Another helpful hint is to pay attention to the hardware on your bag and outfit, such as metallic details. Matching these is important and looks good when done correctly.

#5 Natural Pop Guess bag

Raffia and canvas are blended with patent leathers, micro studs, and strong color blocking to create Guess bags that are both natural and modern. A natural color palette makes the ‘Lilica’ bag versatile enough to wear with jeans and a white T-shirt as well as a feminine floral-print day dress.  Apart from these, you can also experiment with various outfits with Guess handbags India and see which suits you best!