What Are The Steps To Writing A Press Release


A business keeps inventing new products and keeps changing themselves to meet up with the current demand in the market. The key to a successful business is communication, it is necessary not only to communicate with the employees and the workers but also to keep the public updated. Though there are various ways to do it, yet the most effective way is through creating a press release. As more and more businesses are understanding the importance of press release, they are looking out ways for creating a press release that is most effective than those used by their competitors.


There are certain steps to writing a press release that can be followed by the businessmen so that they can be able to make a press release that is both attractive and informative, yet follows the corporate structure. The steps that can be followed by the businessmen are as follows:

Know the motive

Businessmen always have a motive behind creating a press release, this motive needs to be recognized and addressed to before the decision for conducting a press release is taken by the organization.  A press release can be about anything, maybe a launch of a new product or announcing some changes that the company has decided to undergo or hiring new staff, but the topic should be newsworthy and should be clear enough for the public to understand. The main motive should be made clear to the public in the first place, otherwise, there is a chance that the person who has received the mail, might not want to open it, thinking it to be a sales or promotional mail.

Add proper heading

It should be noted that people get hundreds of emails on a regular basis, some they open while they chose to ignore others. It is very important that people are able to read your mail, otherwise, the motive behind a press release would not be fulfilled and it will be a pure flop. In order to creating a press release avoid ending up in the trash bin, make sure that your heading is short, crisp, and informative. Make it catchy so that the recipients of the mail get attracted to it. If the heading is attractive enough, the people who have received the mail will have the eagerness to open the mail and check it.

Give a subheading

People have got so busy in modern days that they hardly get the time to spend on leisure reading. They are always in a hurry which makes it important for the businessmen to make sure that they add a subheading that would help them in informing the recipients of the mail about the topic in more detail. You need to make sure that the tone of the heading and the rest of the mail is maintained. This calls for proper subheadings which are going to assist the main heading and the mail as a whole.

Miscellaneous steps

The most important steps to writing a press release are to make sure that the 5 w’s are answered. The questions like why, who, when, what and where should be answered. Also, don’t forget to add a quote and provide your contact details. These fall under the miscellaneous steps but are as important as making a proper heading or subheading. Try to keep it crisp and short.


Many people consider a press release to be a daunting task, but in reality, it is not so, in fact, it is very simple and all the businessman needs to know is the proper steps to writing a press release. Once these steps are known and followed, there will be no problem in creating a successful and attractive press release.