5 Habits that are bad for your eyes


Taking good care of your eyes is not difficult to do but is very essential to do. As long as you follow with good hygiene and eat a balanced diet, your eyes are good to go. However, us humans are inclined to make some not-so-great decisions about our health. We do tend to adopt habits that are bad for the eyes, and we might not even realize the extent of the damage.

The first step always to do to have healthy living is to stay on top of your health affairs and regularly visit doctors in case some disease has gone by undetected. A visit to the top eye specialist in Lahore is imperative not only for those having eye or vision problems per se, but rather, everyone.

Other bad habits that are damaging our eyes and need to be fixed include:

1 Reading in small font size on the screen

Even though unlike the common myth, reading in small font on the screen does not lead to vision problems. However, it is still not very great for the eyes. When we read in small font, we often have to squint. The contrast on the screen also make it harder on the eyes.

Moreover, when one reads on the screen and multitask, eyes have to adjust to the varying colors and fonts. This continuous movement leads to the muscles of the eye’s getting fatigued.

Hence, reading in small and uncomfortable text causes digital eye strain, which is a set of conditions that includes symptoms like headaches, blurry vision, light sensitivity, eye strain etc. So, while you don’t have to update your glasses if you read on the screen, but you will surely be tiring out your eyes.

2 Looking at screens at night

When we look at screens at night, whether it be the television or phone, is not conducive for health. Screens emanate blue light which interrupts with the circadian rhythm of the body. This then interferes with the sleep cycle.

Considering the importance of proper and quality sleep, this habit is extremely bad for the eyes. Not only do continuous reading and similar strenuous activities lead to digital eye strain, but they also are simply, very unhealthy practices.

Lack of quality sleep causes short term issues like grogginess and mood swings. In the long term, lack of sufficient sleep can lead to the obesity, heart disease and diabetes etc.

3 Sharing eye makeup that you put up in the eyes

It is not only very unhygienic to share personal items like eye makeup, but it is also very bad for your eyes as well. Makeup is notorious for harboring bacteria, and it gets much worse when shared amongst people as the bacteria can get transferred from one person to another.

This can lead to eye infections, pink eye etc. Not just bacteria, but virus can also get transmitted this way; people can even get herpes by sharing infected eye makeup items.

4 Rubbing eyes

The urge to rub at the eyes can be great, but don’t!
Rubbing eyes causes the delicate vessels of the eyes to burst, leading to dark circles. When there is some particle in the eye, rubbing makes it much worse, as this action makes the particle abrade against the eye, scratching the cornea as a result.

Furthermore, our fingers carry a lot of bacteria, and as we rub our eyes with these fingers, we literally make a gateway for the pathogens to carry on in our eyes, ourselves. It thus leads to conjunctivitis.

5 Sleeping in contact lenses

While it is sometimes okay to not take out the contacts when one is bone-tired but making a habit out of it is very bad for the eyes. People who sleep in their contacts are 6-8 times more likely to suffer from eye infections.

If not timely treated, eye infections can lead to serious problems like damaged cornea. It may even merit surgical intervention, and at times even that may fall short of saving the vision. Other than observing good hygiene with regards to the contacts, it is best to timely visit the top eye specialist in Karachi when to prevent the damage from spreading.