Top 6 Luxury Items Every Man Should Buy


There are selective accessories and items that men need to complete their look. Regardless of where they spend their day, it is crucial to have these items that bring a great impression about them. The key is finding quality and original items rather than going for fake. Below are 6 accessories and fancy items that men should buy.

A Watch

Time is an important virtue and having a watch is a perfect combination of fashion and practicality. However, it’s not just any watch. If you visit a jewelry shop, you will realize that watches are in different makes and brands. A quality watch is an indication of class and achievement. Brands like Rolex have a powerful way of saying a lot about the person wearing it. Therefore, when shopping, a man should pick a quality designer watch that will not dominate their outfit.

A Lighter

Whether you are a smoker or not, a classy lighter can give a good impression. You have no idea about how other men would get impressed with a brand lighter. A pibelighter can say a lot about you. If you smoke, avoid the embarrassment of pulling out an old matchbox and get yourself a classy lighter. There are many affordable options you can pick from.


Whether it is a bow tie or the normal long tie, this one is an obvious item. If you are a man that wears suits, you will need a quality tie to complete the look. A tie not only completes the look but also indicates that you take pride in the clothes you wear. It is also an indication that you are confident with how you dress. You are at liberty of choosing what you like, but if you ask for an opinion, it would be better to wear bow ties for parties and normal ties for work.

Eye Wear

Great glasses can complement and elevate your look. You don’t necessarily need to go for prescription glasses if you do not have an eye problem. Buy quality and original sunglasses. Avoid the fake ones since they can ruin your entire look and the impression people have when they see you. However, not all sunglasses will be fit for your face. When choosing them, consider the shape of your face. If you have a round face, go for rectangular glasses.


This one goes without saying. As a man, you need to carry a wallet not only to keep your money but also other important items like credit cards. Even in fashion, a fancy wallet is ideal. However, you need to know the best wallet to choose from. A slim weather wallet is great to accompany formal wear while a bulky one is good for casual use.


A belt is another powerful item that must be used sparingly. Having an ugly belt defeats the sole purpose of wearing it. There are many quality designers belts to add to your outfit. Choose the elegant and sleek designs that will not dominate your outfit. Know the right belt to buy for formal wear and what suits casual wear.

These are simple and affordable men can have. The best thing is going for quality. With the accessories from well-known designers, there is no doubt that you leave a good impression and take pride in your outfits.