How to Write a Good 250-Word Essay?


It may seem a pretty simple task at the first sight, but when people face requirements to write an essay limited to only 250 words, the majority spend hours without having any results. Usually, some writers just don’t know how to put all the facts information into such a small piece of information while others don’t understand how to present the information properly.

To write a great short essay, a writer should avoid any complex phrases or words. Everything must be clear and short that will help readers to acquire new information immediately.

Useful Tips to Make an Essay Great

The obvious thing is that such a short essay must be simple and easy to understand. But a writer can make a large amount of information short and simple?

  • Don’t follow the word limit at first. Write all the ideas – it would be easier for you to understand which parts can be removed or cut down. After you finish, start to edit your text.
  • Change all possible phrases to single words without any loss in the context. For example, we often use ‘At the start, but it can be replaced with ‘Firstly’.
  • The same way a writer must deal with pleonasms. They are a combination of words conveying general meaning. As an example, ‘in the end’ can be replaced with ‘eventually’.
  • Another common mistake that unnecessarily expands the text is repetitions. A writer should mention a statement as lesser as it is possible. Perfectly, to use a statement once a time in the whole text.
  • Use both passive and active voice. Sometimes, the alternative version can be much shorter, but the meaning is staying the same.
  • Don’t use reinsurances. Speaking about something unconfirmed, it’s common for writers to emphasize this several times. Nevertheless, it’s not necessary.
  • Use the minimum of words that don’t have any sense.
  • Check your work several times.
  • Your essay must be interesting even for you. Take it is your goal.