Know the exciting & unique difference between Faboom and GetMega


In terms of features and functionalities, both GetMega and Faboom are incredibly sound and seamless. But when the context centres on differentiating factors, there are some impressive and disappointing pointers that one needs to consider when attempting to install one of these apps to play and win real money. So, let’s dive into the narration and learn more on this front. Here’s presenting the different parameters that determine the differentiating factors between the two apps.

Parameters to Differentiate Faboom & GetMega 


Faboom does not have a 24×7 leaderboard like GetMega. But it breaks down various formats to help cricket enthusiasts get a fair idea of the ranking. In addition to this, the leaderboard also shows points during the bonus and standard mode. The points vary from one performance to the other. On the other hand, GetMega comprises 24×7 leaderboards for the Card and Casual Games. And this include:

  • Poker
  • Carrom
  • Rummy
  • GoPool; and more

Players till the 10th position will be able to win the prizes on the basis of their leaderboards ranks! The entry to the leaderboards is both paid and free. Players will be able to win 100,000 each week from the leaderboard alongside attractive gadgets like Mobile Phone, Gold Coin, and more!

UI or User Interface

Faboom comes with a user-friendly and intuitive interface. It is clean & user friendly. However, there’s no denying the fact that even Getmega brings a super-intuitive interface for the fans. GetMega comes up with the horizontal and vertical gameplay experience.

Number Of Players

Upon selecting the sport on Faboom, you can fill up the short form. After completing the form, you will be verified using your Google or Facebook credentials. If you haven’t already logged in to Facebook or Google, you may use your email address to do so. As can be seen, there is no way for bots to access the game platform.¬†

On the contrary, GetMega has real players that are verified by using the mobile number. The players will be able to verify their accounts by using Facebook photos.

Number of games

With the Faboom application, one can participate in fantasy games. And the games that can be played here are soccer, Kabaddi, and cricket. But with GetMega, you can master your skills in your favourite cash games around three major categories. And the games that it offers are Poker and Rummy, besides:

  • Carrom
  • Dots & Dash
  • ABC Rummy
  • Go Pool
  • Warship, and other Trivia games

You can play your favourite games and win intriguing cash rewards.


Faboom is one of the most amazing fantasy gaming apps that have impressive and intuitive gameplay. Although it is not that responsive, players would never face issues. The major components of this game get displayed in an optimized manner. But when it comes to the gameplay of GetMega, it adapts for maximum entertainment. The gameplay serves in vertical and horizontal on the basis of the game.


Lastly, concerning security, Faboom is safe and equipped with 3D secure authentication. It ensures that the users are safe while using this application. Faboom also offers transparency and, at the same time, deals with users appropriately.

GetMega happens to be a member of the All India Gaming Federation. It is built with utmost safety and security. The two parameters that demonstrate utmost security on the app are shuffle mechanics and random number generator certified by the iTech Labs, Australia. It ensures the most secure gameplay of the highest standards. So, clearly, both the apps have equal importance, and both are excellent to provide the best gaming experience to win real rewards.