The Roles of a Commercial Lawyer


Commercial lawyers in Melbourne serve the needs of a business and the business owner, meaning theystay up to date on current laws that affect their client’s business. They may be involved in many different aspects of legal practice for any given business, including business transactions, contract drafting and analysing, HR needs, courtroom representation, as well as mergers and acquisitions. This article will provide some additional information on each of these tasks that commercial lawyers in Melbourne commonly undertake.

H2: Business Transactions

Commercial lawyers must assist with business transactions, ensuring everything occurring is legal and above board. Business lawyers are important allies for protecting a company from doing anything unwise that could result in legal risk down the track. Good commercial lawyers in Melbourne are therefore worth their weight in gold.

H2: Contract Drafting & Analysing

Often, companies need commercial lawyers in Melbourne to draft and analyse documents. They might be creating non-disclosure agreements, changing contract conditions, or examining incoming legal documents for loopholes that might be working to the detriment of your company. It is very useful to have a professional who can look out for these technical points that could have major repercussions for your business.

H2: HR Contracts & Legalities

Whenever someone is hired or fired, commercial lawyers in Melbourne must create paperwork that puts employment or redundancy agreements in writing. The paperwork must be well-worded and legally binding and invite no second-guessing from either party about their responsibilities under the agreement.

H2: Courtroom Representation

Commercial lawyers are also needed when motions must be filed in a courtroom. Your company might need to litigate a person or other company for causing damage to it. The kinds of damage caused are usually financial, and it could be against a specific person who has tried to keep business away from the company for some motive of their own. The order might be for compensation or it could be a cease and desist motion. Above all, commercial lawyers in Melbourne must look out for the welfare of the business they work for.

H2: Research

A large part of the job that commercial lawyers carry out involves research. This is because the law is constantly changing, so the lawyer must be on top of current laws and know whether the business they work for is staying within them. If a business owner isn’t aware of a law change, that’s not a good enough reason for them to avoid a penalty. It’s therefore very important that their commercial lawyers in Melbourne do all the research to ensure operation of the business stays lawful.

H2: Acquisitions & Mergers

When the structure of a business changes, such asmoving from sole trader to corporation, or if a merger or acquisition occurs, then commercial lawyers in Melbourne will be involved, drawing up all the legal paperwork and creating important terms of agreements. The processes and contracts involved during such a time of change allow everyone to know what will happen and when, and for it to all take place in a fair and legal way.