Become an expert in Pool rummy with real rummy online


    The rummy online game is a platform for players to have fun, spend time, relax or maybe earn some money. You can play rummy in your free time to win exciting cash prizes or just have fun or spend time. The real rummy online game has many variants that you can play.

    People love spending their time playing rummy. Not only do you get entertained but also have a chance to earn some extra cash while you’re in your free time. It is very popular in India and has been a widely played game, all over the world, for centuries. Rummy is usually played at family gatherings on occasions like Diwali and Dussehra. But now, you can play rummy any time you want, anywhere you want from your mobile or laptop or computer.

    Many versions of the Pool Rummy game

    13 Cards Rummy where players play with 13 cards each and the player to make the least points win.  13 cards rummy has three variants, which are-

    1. Points Rummy

    There are tables with different value points, ranging from 10 paise per point to Rs100 per point. You are to make your sequence or set and have the lowest points to win the match. Your winnings are calculated on the points of the losing players.

    1. Deals Rummy

    There are a fixed number of deals to play for. Each player gets an equal number of chips at the beginning of the game. After each bet, the losing players have to give up their chips to the winning player. At the end of the game, the player with the most number of chips wins.

    1. Pools Rummy

    All players at the table have to collect or “pool in” money to play the game. It is almost similar to Points rummy until the players barring one are eliminated for collecting 101 or 201 points, according to the version of the game. The player who survives is the winner. This game further has two versions as we have just said:

    1. 101 Pool Rummy

    In this version of the game, you are to make your opponent cross 101 points before you. Once your opponent crosses 101 points, s/he is eliminated from the game.

    1. 201 Pool Rummy

    Similarly in this version of Pool Rummy, you are required to make your opponent cross 201 points before you do. And the last person below 201 points wins.

    Now, to become an expert at Pool rummy you should always go for lesser value cards. Cards that carry fewer points will add up to be less in total. It is wiser to make sets and sequences with face cards while playing Pool rummy. Also, it is important to use the joker. The free joker card carries no value at all. And you can use it as a replacement to match any set or sequence.


    Once you make the right choices and use the right cards, you can easily win and earn cash with real rummy online. Just make sure to download the app and keep practicing in your free time.