When to Lawyer Up After a Car Accident


So you’ve just been in a car accident, but for some reason you don’t feel the need to call a lawyer. Maybe your car wasn’t that damaged. Maybe you and your passenger suffered no injuries. Maybe the other driver was super nice and apologetic and you don’t want to drag them through a court case. Whatever your reason, you decided not to contact a lawyer.

In some cases, it’s not necessary to call a lawyer, but in others it is very necessary. If this is your first car accident, you might not know which situation you fall under. So how do you know when to contact a car accident lawyer? Lucky for you, we’re here to help you figure that out!

When You Should Hire a Lawyer

These are the situations where there is no doubt that you need to contact a car accident attorney. Here are those situations:

  • A dispute occurred over who’s at fault.
  • The accident involved fatalities.
  • The other driver is uninsured or presents paperwork that doesn’t look correct.
  • You sustained major or minor injuries in the accident.
  • You’ve suffered emotional trauma, loss, pain and suffering, or any type of trauma.
  • You require medical attention for your injuries or emotional trauma.
  • You were involved in a multiple-car accident.
  • Your injuries caused you to miss work.

If one or more of these apply to your case, then you need to hire a lawyer as soon as possible.

What If I’m Not at Fault?

You were careful. You stopped before the red light, you didn’t blow any stop signs, you properly signaled before getting into another lane, yet somehow you ended up in a car accident through no fault of your own. You know you weren’t at fault, so why would you need a lawyer?

Trust us when we say you need a lawyer. Why? Because an accident injury lawyer can protect you from being accused of being partly or fully responsible for the accident. Your lawyer will be able to investigate every aspect of the accident and prove that you were in no way responsible for the accident.

Hiring a car accident lawyer can also ensure you receive the compensation you deserve for your car accident injuries or other traumas. They know what to look for in these cases, so they can ensure you get every penny you deserve.

What If I Am at Fault?

If the accident was your fault, you cannot claim damages from the other driver’s insurance provider. Because of that, you don’t need to hire a lawyer because your insurance company will provide one for you. However, contacting a personal injury lawyer isn’t a bad idea. They can help you protect yourself in the case to come. Just be sure to contact them before you contact the other driver’s insurance company.

Car accidents can be traumatic and life-changing experiences, but you don’t have to deal with the aftermath alone. If you sustained a car accident injury and are in need of an experienced car accident lawyer, then start your search as soon as possible. The right lawyer will get you the compensation you deserve and help ease some of the burdens caused by the accident.