The Future of Plastics Exhibitions and Industry Engagement


Plastics exhibition in India ensures that the country’s plastic sector thrives by bringing together sellers and buyers interested in purchasing the latest plastic technologies and products. PLEXCONNECT 2024 is one of the biggest plastic exhibitions that provides businesses with a networking platform where Indian suppliers can sell their technologies and products to global buyers. The exhibition will occur from 7th to 9th June at the Bombay Exhibition Centre, Nesco Mumbai. Hundreds of exhibitors from all parts of India will be showcasing under their pavilions, being visited by thousands of global traders. 

Plastic exhibitions are booming and are a primary way of connecting India’s plastic industry to the rest of the world. Let’s review the section below to understand what the future of these exhibitions means for the economy. 

Plastics Exhibitions: Future and Industry Engagement

The exhibitions are a significant platform for industry buyers and sellers to collaborate, explore the latest innovations, and share ideas. So, understand the points below to see what the future can hold for the exhibitions and the plastic industry. 

  • The plastic exhibition in Mumbai brings policymakers, researchers, manufacturers, and customers together, thus increasing the demand for sustainable plastic worldwide. 
  • The focus will be on further benefiting the country’s economy and industry. 
  • Cutting-edge technologies and products will be showcased, and industrialists and national participants will be drawn from around the globe. 
  • A captivating live display of the technical seminars and shows focusing on sustainability. 

PLEXCONCIL: Driving the Indian Plastic Industry’s Future

The Plastics Export Promotion Council (PLEXCONCIL) creates and maintains India’s status as a major exporter of plastic technologies and products.  It aims to expand India’s prowess in the global plastic industry. Its trade exhibitions and fairs also include technical seminars discussing upcoming innovations that can revolutionise the industry. It has helped the collaboration of many national and international manufacturers, increasing trade opportunities. 

Learn more about the initiatives of PLEXCONCIL and how it is boosting the plastic industry in India by hosting the upcoming PLEXCONNECT 2024.