The Best of the Wealth formulas that You have


It’s about seeing what you imagine behind that money, remember that the day you leave this world, that money will no longer have any value. Therefore, money is not only important for a living, but it is also important to enjoy the money while you have it.

Money, a lever to accomplish and be accomplished

If you have understood that it is important to see money in its constructive dimension, namely that money offers the ability to see beyond the mere sight of dollars in your hands, then you have understood the real value for money. With the Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 this happens to be essential.

Money offers a unique possibility: to be in control. Not master of anything, master of oneself. Why? Because by investing in a real estate project, you are investing in your feeling of security, which will comfort you in doing new things.

  • More broadly, by investing in yourself, you invest in your future and your ability to increase your income when necessary. This investment in yourself can be made at different scales:
  • Continuous training to learn how to develop your new business, training on topics that fascinate you or on a foreign language to unlock a new professional opportunity
  • Personal development to get to know you better.

For each of these cases, you notice that the investment is worth the effort since it has long term effects on your body and your mind.

Therefore, money appears as a lever to accomplish things and to accomplish oneself.

How to find the right balance?

You got it: money is important, as long as you understand the predominant level of importance in your life. Do you want to live a fulfilling life where money will always be a lever, or a monotonous life chasing money, without putting in place the right strategies to do so?

In order to find the right balance, you have to see money as a source of sharing: first learn not to build a relationship around money, as it can be between parents and children. Asking your children to be indebted to you because you pay them to study at a big school is not the right approach. When it comes to money, don’t expect recognition, but rather a return on investment, investing in your children means giving them the keys to their future. And that must be enough for your pride.

Finally, discussing money and the views of different people around you can help you refine your own view of money over time.