Samantha is a host to this show on Aha – Sam Jam


In the Television world, talk shows have, without a doubt, taken up pretty much every last bit of room on daytime TV. Talk shows arose in the 20th century, not long after the acquaintance of TV with the general population. It is characterized as a program that centers around discussing the notable host with famous people and different visitors. Nowadays, even OTT platforms have started hosting talk shows because of their popularity. The design and plan of TV talk show programs were established on relatable content, endeavoring to relate and interface with individuals to hold an enormous crowd depending on someone who can convey real and genuine information. Along with Indian webseries online, various Indian talk shows have got a lot of fans following lately.

One famous Telugu talk show hosted by Samantha is Sam Jam which is available in the Aha application. Directed by Arun Seshkumar and made by Allu Aravind for Aha, the show debuted on 13 November 2020 on the streaming stage Aha. It denotes Samantha’s second show as a host following the Telugu TV reality arrangement Bigg Boss 4. Sam Jam is a cheerful and exciting syndicated program facilitated by our number one entertainer Samantha in her style. This show highlights celebrity interviews, fun games, highlights some thrilling genuine stories, and enjoys generosity exercises. Visitors who have gone to the show share different encounters of their own. Host Samantha poses different inquiries on their own life. Comedian Harsha Chemudu will be there alongside Samantha and do some entertaining activities. Anybody from the crowd can pose an inquiry to the visitor.

Additionally, Samantha asks questions to the crowd. In certain episodes, artists of different fields perform. Samantha will lead small assignments, and the visitors may win prizes. In this first episode of Sam Jam, Vijay Deverakonda shares his encounters in lockdown, what he feels about the year 2020, his response to rumors, approaches to deal with sorrow and some more.

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