When your kids feel bored from being inside your home, try this indoor treasure hunt or scavenger hunt to make them engaged. Your kids will get thrilled and ask you to play this game again and again. For this game, prepare a clue card to discover any items or any spot inside your home. Hide the clue in that spot and repeat to take them to the final treasure place. To make your kids play with enthusiasm, place some gifts in the treasure box. This is the best way to improve your kid’s observation power.

You can also plan for a scavenger hunt game with your kids. Create a clue card with random items and locations of your home. Make your kids find the location and thing you are mentioning. You can use some creative DIY items as treasures. Use some themed decoration to make your game interesting. Allow them to play this game on their own. This will teach them to sequence things up.

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  • There is various form of treasure hunt game like indoor hunts, backyard hunts, photo-based hunt, etc.
  • The complexity level and theme of the treasure hunt are decided based on your kid’s age.
  • You can increase the hurdles, clues complexity, and types when your kids are getting experts on it.
  • Prepare clues on your own or got them online.
  • Draft a few basic rules like insisting your kid not to run, team them up when two or more kids are playing, and insist them to play wisely.
  • Prepare a list of locations to hide the clues. Draft some rhyming coded clues for the game.
  • Make the clue simple, but don’t make it too straightforward for your kid.
  •  You have to choose the location to hide the clues, where they are visiting daily.
  • Determine a time limit for the game. Encourage the winning team with useful gifts.
  • You can also use some image-based riddle as a clue.



Arrange the treasure hunt game in a particular theme. Decorate the play area with some stickers, balloons, treasures, and clues in the same theme.


Create the clue card with image-based riddles. Ask your kid to find the clue by decoding the image riddles. They can search for the next clue in the place mentioned in the image. This clue can be planned for younger kids.


For a change and to make the play area wider arrange the game set up in your garden area. There you can find a lot of spaces for hiding your clues. Prepare the clue card with a garden-related theme. You can draw some pictures on that card for attraction.


Prepare some puzzle questions. This game is perfect for some grown-up kids. Make sure that the riddle must be equal to their age level. By decoding the riddle you can get the location of the next clue. Follow this to get the treasure. You can keep engaging your kid by creating the riddle in rhyming format.

This indoor treasure hunt is an inexpensive way to play. This will be a nice start for your kid towards learning new things. Also using this themed treasure hunt you can teach them their tough subjects in a fun gaming method. Try this to make their vacation time memorable.