Your Choices for the Excursions In Kusadasi


The most favorable season to visit the city is the period from June to August. This period is distinguished by the really pleasant weather and the hot sun. And in autumn in the seaside resort begins the rainy season and the wind blows very hard. Tourists, who want to spend a lot of time on excursions, should visit Kusadasiin the spring. Here is the detail about Kusadasi Ephesus Tour.

Kusadasi is part of Turkey. The situation is evolving dynamically. Check the travel recommendations issued by your Department of Health.Current information on flights canceled due to coronavirus to and from Kusadasi can be found on the airport’s website: 

Concerts and mass events in Kusadasi canceled? 

Stay healthy during your trip. Take precautions when traveling to Kusadasi.

  • Avoid contact with sick people.
  • Maintain a distance of at least 1 meter between yourself and anyone who sneezes or coughs.
  • On some beaches you have to pay for the use of the equipment. Usually the rental of deckchairs and umbrellas does not cost more than 0.5 dollars, there are also beaches where you can use it absolutely free.
  • The city’s water parks start the season at the end of May and it lasts until the end of September. They welcome customers every day from 10 am until 5-6 pm. Children are offered reductions of 35 – 45% of the price of an adult ticket.

Kusadasi Tourist Guide

Kusadasi is a Turkish seaside resort located on the Aegean Sea, 90 km south of Izmir. The city surrounds the most popular ancient monuments, among which are the most famous.On the territory of the large beaches and some hotels there are sports equipment rentals. Here you can rent everything you need for water sports. The longer the rental period is, the lower is the rental price.

Shopping enthusiasts should know, that the shopping centers and markets, located in the center of the city, can be open even late at night. But small shops and markets, which are found in more remote places, usually are closed at 8 p.m. maximum.

The Market Options

In the markets the prices are to be negotiated, we do not advise to be in a hurry and to buy something in the first place. It is very likely that nearby you can find the same thing, but at the best price. In stores and supermarkets the prices are fixed.

In the restaurants and cafes of the city a lot of attention is paid to customers, who come there regularly. You only need to visit the same place twice, and you will already be part of the list of loyal customers. In this case we can count on good surprises drinks on arrival and free dessert.

Tourists are advised to take walks in places far from the city center only with a guide or in a tour group. But the central streets are not at all dangerous, here you can meet a lot of people even at night.

Last Words

We advise to make the purchases with the money of the country, all the other money will be accepted with a less advantageous exchange rate. It is recommended to change money in banks or exchange offices, it is better to refuse the services of private persons. As you opt for the Excursions InKusadasi you can have the necessary details here.