How To Select The Right Type Of Folding Carton For Packaging?


How to Effectively Use Packaging Boxes for Your Business

As you plan to move to a new place or vacate your old office, packaging plays a key role in the whole shifting process and creating your custom packaging system is the best way to go. Finding the right type of paperboard material is equally important as the material makes all the difference in the folding paper industry.

  • The material should be paper-based with a grammage of approximately 225 gsm. However, it is important to know that it’s not always necessary to use a thick material. This is where most people go wrong with their choices. The mechanical properties of the paper play an equally important role. For instance, a virgin fiber paper with the same thickness as a recycled paper is tougher as it contains wood pulp that makes the structure stiffer.
  • In short toughness, thickness, and grammage are the three pillars based on which you can select the right packaging materials. For the packaging of primary food items, it’s always better to go with virgin fiber cardboard. In this case, material choice makes a big difference. Mainly Spruce and Birch’s pulp is used to produce this type of paperboard packaging material.
  • Going by the design, you need to use the right paperboard packaging. This is especially true for companies that are sending items to customers and herein they need to use the right designs in paperboard so that the entire packaging is impressive. Structure and substrate play a crucial role here. You need to focus on what’s been transported and how much it weighs.
  • Your budget is undoubtedly another important factor that you cannot ignore and you should also consider fulfilling the products. The purpose of the package is also something that cannot be ignored. This also leads one to think about how the boxes will be stored.
  • Folding cartons are among the most popular ones that are usually made of kraft paperboard that range from 10 to 24 pt board. The different artworks are printed on the carton itself. The good thing about folding cartons is that they are shipped as flat shapes for easy storage and during packaging; they are popped into proper shapes.

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