Criteria To Choose The Best Hair Transplant Clinic In Delhi


   It is reiterated in blogs, articles and posts related to hair transplant that choosing the right hair transplant surgeon is obligatory to achieve the successful outcomes. The key to successful hair transplant is doubtlessly to be in the safer hands where you can be assured and relaxed imagining an attractive look after a wait of months following the hair transplant. 

The hair transplant is an outpatient procedure which is fairly complication free and risk free but only when the procedure is performed by expert hands. Otherwise the procedure could be horrific and you might end up with botched outcomes and regret for life. 

Hair transplant in Delhi has been in limelight since few years as there are few very well named hair transplant surgeons who have been approached by people from all around the globe. These hair transplant surgeons are among the top listed surgeons worldwide who are known to have exemplary skills to provide the world class hair transplant. Including, the hair transplant cost in Delhi has become very economical because of the huge competition among the clinics as the city has become the hub of hair transplant industry. 

You might find very cheaper clinics in Delhi but their reliability could be highly questionable. These clinics being imprudent compromise on the surgery leading to bad hair transplant. Because of the mushrooming of unethical practices the hair transplant revision cases are been hugely reported. 

Medispa hair transplant clinic is one of the leading and recognized hair transplant clinic in India which is remarkable in providing the world class hair transplant. We are trusted by thousands of international and national patients and gaining lot of popularity among the high profile patients and celebrities. Dr Suneet Soni: the head of Medispa clinics is super specialized and highly experienced hair transplant surgeon who has more than 5000 hair transplant in his bucket list. His surgical skills are doubtlessly astonishing but his sense of art is what makes him unique and favors him in delivering impeccable hair transplant outcomes. 

When planning to undergo hair transplant it is imperative to choose for a competent hair transplant surgeon and a perfect clinic for the procedure. The list of criteria which could help you in finding the best clinic for yourself includes:

  1. Educational qualification and experience of the hair transplant surgeon: The hair transplant surgeon should be looked for his educational qualification which ideally should be super specialized in cosmetic surgery including a certification from the authorized body to perform the hair transplant. Experience of the hair transplant surgeon is a crucial requirement as the procedure is very précised and need a practiced hand for maximum survival of the tiny hair grafts.
  2. Single doctor clinic or a multispecialty centre: It is imperative to know that the clinic is self headed by the hair transplant surgeon or is a multispecialty one. Single doctor self clinics should be preferred as the results offered by the clinic is genuinely the same surgeon’s work. In multispecialty clinics, the doctors keep changing so you cannot be sure of the surgeon’s skills despite the huge reputation of the multispecialty clinic. 
  3. Patient’s gallery, reviews and testimonials: It is wise to check the previous patient’s picture treated by the same hair transplant surgery so as to get an idea of the surgical skills of the surgeon and the natural looking results. Including, reviews and testimonials of the patients could give an idea of their experiences with the hair transplant surgeon and its team. 
  4. Facilities and infrastructure of the hair transplant clinic: The hair transplant clinic should have facilities of international level, huge infrastructure, ample experienced manpower, latest technology equipments and armamentarium to perform any technique of hair transplant. The clinic should be scrutinized for the hygiene and the safety standards which is an obligatory component for the successful hair transplant without any sort of complications. 
  5. Team in the hair transplant clinic: The hair transplant team is as essential as the skills of the hair transplant surgeon. The efficient and experienced team are competent to handle the hair grafts carefully which will ensure the survival of the grafts and also make the procedure very smooth for the hair transplant surgeon so as to provide extreme comfort to the patients. Thus, you need to keep a check on the team associated with the hair transplant clinic. 
  6. Cost friendly: The hair transplant clinic should be budget friendly in addition to the above listed factors. Don’t just go with cost effectiveness as surgeon’s skills are the essential requirement failing which could lead to disastrous outcomes and waste of money.