How to evaluate HONOR Magicbook Pro


The laptop of HUAWI has attracted a lot of attention for the duration. This laptop is excellent in both performance and appearance. So what are the upgrades of this new computer over the previous generation? Whether it can continue last year’s strength, this article will take you to break it down carefully. 

The first bright spot is that it is considerate. After you first boot and activate to enter the desktop, several shortcuts have been added to its desktop. The new computer user manual, which will teach you step by step how to activate your computer online. There are how to realize some common functions and answers to common questions. These are common sense to people who are familiar with computers. But they are very friendly to the vast majority of ordinary users. There is an Office activation guide, because Office is a software frequently used by office workers and is frequently used. In general, many brands of computers will be accompanied by genuine software. The computer butler can help the novice to activate the software step by step and make standard settings. It is very friendly to the newcomer, and this HONOR MagicBook Pro is no exception. 

Another bright spot is the multi-screen cooperative function that caused a storm some time ago. This function can be said to be the most characteristic function of HONOR notebook computer. Some people will ask what benefits this function has. It has many benefits. It can share clipboards. First touch the lower right of the keyboard of the laptop with your mobile phone. Then the mobile phone can be connected to the computer almost in an instant. The screen of the mobile phone will be mapped to the computer. At this time, you can copy a paragraph of text or file on your mobile phone and then use the paste function on the computer. And you can past things that copied on the computer to the mobile phone.

There is the same screen function with almost no delay. After the mobile phone is put on the computer with the same screen, you can use the mouse to operate the mobile phone at will. Whether you take photos, chat or play games, you can operate through the computer with very low delay. 

In terms of appearance, the color value of this computer is good. The aluminum all-metal body is very good in terms of touch and texture. The silvery white shell looks commercial and stylish. Its screen is amazing, with ultra-narrow borders of equal width on three sides and a very high proportion of screens. Whether watching plays or playing games, immersion is great. The thickness of the whole machine is about 16.9 mm, and the net weight of the whole machine is 1.71 KG without charger. The charging power of the power charger is 65W, so the charging speed is fast. 

On the whole, this laptop has not changed much on the whole, but the workmanship and details are good. There is a special multi-screen collaboration function. If you want to buy a laptop, it is a good choice.