How to Follow a Premier League Team: Tips for New Fans


The Premier League has been one of the pillars of global football leagues. The league receives a great deal of love and engagement mainly due to fierce rivalries, top international players, and loyal fans.

Every team has a separate fanbase with unique characteristics. Some teams have very vocal fans, while some form unity even when their team loses. These fans also support their team on betting apps like Lotus365

Many social media channels exist where fans create and share memes of their favorite clubs, improving the league’s popularity. If you are a new fan and confused about how to follow a Premier League team, here’s a perfect guide for you. 

OTP Platform – Disney Plus Hotstar

If you want to watch your favorite team’s matches, highlights, snippets, etc., all you need is a Disney Plus Hotstar subscription. Here, you can watch your favorite players turn on every game. 

Several teams, like Manchester City, play in other tournaments besides the Premier League. These include the UEFA Champions League and the FA Cup. You can watch these matches live on the respective OTP platforms, like Sony LIV. 

These apps ensure you do not miss out on your team’s close matches and rivalries. Through a rapidly rising online presence, betting on websites like Lotus365 sports betting is also increasing. 

TV Channels

You can also follow your PL team matches directly on Television. In India, these matches are broadcast on Star Sports Network. The channels include Star Sports Select 1 and Star Sports Select 2. 

Social Media Handles

If you are a new fan, you must not limit your fan intensity to just football matches. PL teams post exciting content and daily updates on their social media handles to boost engagement. 

You can interact and get more involved with your Premier League team. You can track your team’s activity on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (X), and YouTube. 

An additional benefit of these platforms is that you can enjoy the fun banter among different clubs, such as Spurs and Arsenal. 

Premier League App or Website

The Premier League website or mobile app is also an excellent platform for tracking matchday live scores, upcoming fixtures, injury updates, and more. You can also create a team in the Fantasy Premier League to compete with your friends and colleagues. 

If you are a new fan and want to follow a particular team regularly, you must know its players well. You must also follow it on its social media platforms to get an insider’s feel for the team.


The Premier League had its fair luck of success from its inception itself. But with the league available on several platforms and hype created around the teams, you can follow a premier league more closely.

Apart from Television and OTP platforms, you can visit fan parks and clubs on match days to experience the fan vibe. You must also download team apps to follow the latest action and updates.