When Is The Best Time To Call Paving Companies For Asphalt Paving?


There’s a good time for everything, and this is no different from laying asphalt, driveway, and parking lot paving. Certain times during the year have proven to be the best time for calling a paving company to lay your desired surface.

During winter, it’s not surprising to find potholes plaguing asphalt driveways and these potholes pose a major risk your alignment which is never a practical solution.

It may seem like winter is the best period for laying asphalt, but it’s not. In fact, it’s the worst time of the year to pave any driveway parking lot. Paving projects need to happen when the weather is favourable, else you could potentially experience delays.

Before we get into the best times to pave your driveway, it’s important to know why you should have your driveway paved.

Driveways work wonders to any property such as to improve its aesthetic and curb appeal as well as increase its overall lifespan. There are many factors you need to consider that could affect asphalt installations so that the quality of your driveway is secured.

Here’s why there’s an ideal time to have your paving layered by professional paving companies.

Temperatures Matter

Across the board, the ideal temperature for paving asphalt is about 70 degrees Fahrenheit. For this reason, it is more beneficial to have your paving layered during late spring or early summer. IN order to compact and set perfectly, asphalt needs to be in the ranges of 175 and 275 degrees making warmer temperatures most ideal as it is easier to maintain. In cooler climates, the compression is more challenging and lessens the time it takes for the installation of the asphalt paving.

  • Why does temperature matter?

It all lies in the texture of asphalt during layering. The material gets wet and a bit lumpy. With the use of a range of tools such as rollers, asphalt paving layers will smoothen and compact the asphalt. It is important that the asphalt paving cools at the right temperature otherwise you’ll end up with a rough surface that could retain water.


Humidity also plays a significant role in asphalt paving. With higher air humidity, there will be less moisture for the air to absorb making it longer for the asphalt to dry. Newly installed asphalt exposed to hot and humid weather conditions has proven to have problems during the setting process. Your preferred asphalt paving company will, therefore, need to perform the work at less than 90% humidity.


The quality of your asphalt driveway paving is also impacted by adequate sunlight. So, there more sunlight there is, the better the results. As with the temperature, sunlight creates and renews heat which leads to faster cure and drying times.  A local paving company will be able to help you with your paving needs.


For the drying of newly laid asphalt, you need the right amount of wind speed. This happens when fresh air is replaced by saturated air. Water molecules continue to accumulate in the air when there’s zero wind and causes the air to saturate leading to a slow drying process, just as with high humidity.

Hiring The Ideal Paving Professional

Time is of the essence when it comes to having your paving done. When the asphalt paving sits for too long without adequate drying processes, there is a huge chance of structural problems. There’s a possibility that there’ll be a less stable foundation and thus more costs you incur for repairs. Layering asphalt paving companies are the most ideal to carry out any paving project. Not only will they make sure that they come with the right equipment for the job but they’ll also carry out the project according to your timeline without compromising quality and the best finish.

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