How Does A Commercial Security System Work?


A security system is very important for any building, home, or restaurant. But when large buildings, businesses like restaurants, hotels, and offices are considered commercial security system is needed.

These commercial security systems are also called electronic security systems when they use video cameras in addition to the commercial alarm. These systems work in order for the thief to get afraid as if in case he stole anything he will get caught eventually.

Features of Commercial Security System:

These security systems can be used for residential and commercial purposes. These are similar to home security systems. The only difference lies in the number of people using this commercial system and in which way this system works.

Some of the key features include:

  • Monitoring will be done 24/7 and that too in a professional way.
  • As stated, before video surveillance will be provided in addition to the already there commercial alarm.
  • With the help of cameras and alarms, help will come even before the main crime gets committed.
  • Customers can remove or add devices without reaching the service provider every time.
  • This video footage can be viewed remotely with the help of a smartphone or computer from anywhere in the world.

How do alarm systems work?

  • A typical alarm system work by sending signals to the central monitoring system whenever there is a fault in the sensor.
  • The main purpose of the commercial alarm is that whenever there is an emergency, it has to let the owner of the central monitoring system know immediately in order to prevent any damage.
  • Nowadays all the alarm systems are using either internet or the cellular communication in order to send signals to the monitoring system or the owner directly.
  • Some special dual-purpose alarm systems use both the internet and cellular communication.

How much does a security system cost?

The cost of the security system will be based on these three categories.

  1. The equipment cost

This will be nearly $199 to $399.

  1. Home security system monthly cost

This will be depending on the type of system. The average cost will be between $25 and $50.

  1. The cost required for installing and activating.

This can be around $199

The commercial alarm cost will vary depending on the type of alarm whether is wired or wireless.

  • A wired alarm will cost around $800 and $1600, somewhere in between these two amounts.
  • Wireless systems will be controlled by a smart device. The average cost of this home security alarm device lies in between $200 to $2000.


The video camera facility that is present in the security systems will allow the customers to playback and see what happened even after a few days. The alarm will get activated immediately if anyone trespasses the property. Commercial alarms will be monitoring activities in large open spaces mostly.

Commercial security systems will need professional installation and monitoring which will not be the case with home security systems. For less cost installation there are many DIY Alarm systems that can help as the cost for the installation will be more as stated above.