6 Reasons Why Puffco Plus Vape Pens Are Always Safer and Healthier Alternative


More than five years after its release, Puffco Plus is still the top-shelf vaporizer. Passionate smokers who like to enjoy smoking on the go are loving the modern vape pens. All of you know about the ill effects of smoking. But the modern devices make the smoking experience healthier than you expect.

  1. Delicious flavor

Flavors of smoke are capable of improving your mood.

  • The concentrate pens usually have a ceramic bucket that slowly boils the extract. As a result, you can perceive the flavor more than any other form of smoking.
  • Two lower temperature settings make the smoke more delicious. If you can manage smoking at a lower temperature, you can find the best flavors.
  • As the clouds are thicker, it is more satisfying to the smokers.

The pens come with amazing flavors. So, you should take your time to taste all the flavors one by one.

  1. Ideal for inexperienced people

Haven’t you smoked the vape ever? Handling the first smoking experience can be tricky. And it is not at all easy for beginners. You don’t have to go through conventional smoking to enjoy the experience. Opt for the vape pens that will be the best way to try smoking for the newbies.

  1. Ease of dose

If you are not conversant with handling the traditional vaporizers, it can be complicated t handle it in comparison to the modish vape pens.

  • It is easier to set the dose with the pen
  • Depending on whether you get satisfaction from a small dose or a higher one, you can set your dose.

So set the dose as per your convenience and enjoy the thick smoke.

  1. Save money

Did anyone tell you that you can save much money by using vape pens instead o choosing some other forms of smoking? You don’t have to spend as much as you have to buy a pack of cigarettes.

  1. A safer option

Most of you know about the ill effects of smoking. But do you know that it is possible to minimize the ill-effects if you are using the Puffco Plus? The vape pen liquid consists of natural and inorganic herbs that you may not find in smoking.

So, it is obviously a healthier and safer option than smoking. In fact, the researches show that vape pen is 95% safer than other forms of smoking as it is free from any ash, combustion, and fumes.

  1. High battery life

The battery reports of the vape pens are appreciable. You can get around 30 to 50 puffs on an average with one charge. And that is quite reasonable. Although it is hard to quantify the battery life of a vape pen as it depends on how you use it, the average battery life is good.

  • Short puffs and long puffs influence battery life.
  • Loading matters as you can load for at least four to six sessions, depending on the nature of puffs.

Therefore, the vape pen will always be a healthier option, and you can enjoy the smoke equally.