Do You Want to Transport Your Tractor or Other farm Equipment? A Few Tips


Shipping your tractor or any other farm equipment will be little different from car shipping to any other location. You need to first look for suitable trailers that will be appropriate for your tractor.

Often height of various farm equipments can always be an issue and also you need to consider about their suitable loading equipment that transporter must be having.

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to ship a tractor then contact SAC who provide such service. When you contact SAC for making arrangement for your tractor transport, then you will receive the best and also most affordable service right from start to end for you and also your tractor.

Following are the few steps that will be involved while transporting your tractors.

  • Check all the details about the tractor shipping company

You need to first select a reliable tractor transport service provider who can give you timely and also very dependable service for moving your tractor. You may also check for any special features of the transporter like – same day loading service or door-to-door services.

Besides that, they should be able to handle all kinds of paperwork related to dispatch, pick-up or drop-off, and taking permits etc. The best thing would be that, transport service provider must have better and stronger network which is spread all across the country. This will ensure that you will be able to access their pickup service and drop off service points easily.

  • Check¬† about other intricacies

While moving your tractor, it will involve number of different aspects e.g. your tractor type, tractor condition etc. If your tractor is not fully in working condition, then you need to get it towed and thereafter load it on the trailer.

Moving any sit-down mower will be much easier than moving any massive harvester. You need to attend few basic things like getting removed all the loose items present on the tractor prior to loading and tying your tractor.

  • Wash your tractor and other equipment

Before you carry your tractor to the tractor transporter, you must give a good wash to your tractor so that it remains in presentable condition. By cleaning all the gears will expose handholds and other securement points. It will also help you notice any damage to the machinery if any.

  • Cover all vulnerable pieces

There are certain fittings like levers and other instruments that can be quite expensive item to repair. So, you need to cover all of them by using little cheap kind of bubble wrap which may go a long way.

  • Also refer to its manual

Try to refer its manual and if you cannot locate it now then, you can find the equipment specifications online too. You can quickly check from online.

  • Disconnect all batteries

Most of the manual for tractor will recommend disconnecting all the batteries. You will need the equipment in order to start for unloading it.

  • Drain entire engine fluids

If you are going for long distances or trying to switch from one season to certain extreme weather condition, then it is better to drain out all engine fluids.