Common mistakes while painting your kitchen

Common mistakes while painting your kitchen

Light shades to paint the kitchen are a good choice. And the kitchen should be painted to make the kitchen look nice.

Not removing the sideboards, doors, shelves, racks, and drawers

While painting the kitchen, the doors from the frames and the shelves must be removed; otherwise, it would be difficult and time-consuming. Firstly, remove the doors and then properly paint the doors separately and the kitchen too.

Using the improper brush or roller

The appropriate brush and roller should be chosen for the painting to get a smooth finish. If the thicker roller is chosen, then it will leave behind a weird texture after painting. And the paintbrush with soft bristles should be used.

Repainting with peeling paint

Firstly, strip the paint from the door or wall and then again paint over it. The repainting with peeling paint will not make the surface look smooth.

Not allowing to dry the paint

If the paint coat is applied one over the other without letting the previous one dry sufficiently, the finish will not be good. Each coating of the primer and paint has to be entirely dry before recoating. If the paint isn’t dried and recoated, bubbles may form on the surface, or the paint may remain sticky.

Not readying the kitchen for paint

Whenever the painting is done in the kitchen, we must look forward to the preparation done for painting the kitchen. The plastic sheets must be used to safeguard the floor and other objects or appliances that have not to be painted. If the floor is not covered with plastic while painting, then it will ruin the floor.

Not cleaning the doors and frames

Cleaning the doors, cabinets, shelves, etc., before painting is certainly essential. First of all, the doors and frames should be properly cleaned before applying the paint.

Not sanding

The sanding should be done in painting as it wipes out the lacquer finish so that the primer holds the surface better. The sanding should always be done between coats to get a smoother finish.

These are some of the common mistakes while painting the kitchen.