5 Vegetables You Can Grow in Containers:


These days, people get adventurous in diverse ways. Some paint for leisure, some read for leisure, some play sports for pleasure. And some, the garden for leisure. Recreational gardens are often for growing flowers and vegetables. If you are reading this, you are probably interested in growing vegetables in your garden. Well, here are some handpicked vegetables that are best for your growing consideration. Recommended options in this article are considered for growing/nursery pots, too.

Chili peppers:

You can plant chili peppers in your planting space. They, sure, add beauty and radiance to your garden. You need to make sure there is a little warmth for this. Chilies need sunlight and warmth. Your pot should have an internal depth of at least 12 inches. You may consider species including Thai hot, bell peppers, or whichever one appeals the most to you.


Lettuce is one of the most famous vegetables. That is because they are easy to grow without stress, and the conditions are not difficult to meet. Lettuce has a shallow root, thus should grow in a container with about six inches’ depth. You can grow them in a shady place. Your lettuce-in-nursery pots can flourish on the porch or a shed in the backyard. You can visit your favorite seed market to inquire about the varieties they have.


Onions are a beautiful spice of life. They make good food. You can especially cultivate them in nursery pots. Talk about the shoots that tenderly emerge and spread as they grow. This choice is definitely a cute addition to your garden. Thinking about species to add? Well, you can consider the white Lisbon, Tokyo Long White, and the Crystal White Wax, all of which can grow in the space of three to four months. Your pot depth should be a bare minimum of four inches.


Spinach is an absolute beauty that you can grow in your home garden! The conditions are very favorable for you enough to grow them in a growing pot just around your home. It flourishes in partial shade, and you can cultivate them in a pot with a depth of about six inches, considering that they do not have deep roots. Thinking of species to grow? Try out the Okinawa spinach, the Smooth-leafed, savoy, or even semi-savoy spinach.


The most home-grown vegetable. Tomatoes are happy and brighten up your collection of vegetables. They are a delicious fruit, too. They are fruitful, with each plant capable of producing 10 to 30 pounds. With a pot depth of 12 inches, make provision for proper sunlight and watering, and you are good to go.