Top four different warehouse jobs in the UK


The demand for warehouse jobs is increasing year after year. Especially during holidays, the demand for staff increases in the warehouse industry. Have you ever thought of applying for a position? If yes, then this article is for you. Most of the jobs at the warehouse do not require experience, but some with bigger responsibilities need it. Let’s look at the top four warehouse jobs that you can go for.

Warehouse associate

The warehouse associate is responsible for picking and packing orders. You might help in loading and unloading shipments, or you may take inventory. This job needs some experience but, you can also get hired as an entry-level employee. You might get hired to do one particular or day-to-day task according to the requirements. The salary of an average warehouse associate in the UK is more than 22 thousand pounds per year.

Warehouse manager

If you have been working in the warehouse and are experienced in the field. Then, you must apply for the position of warehouse manager. For this position, experience is a must. You must know everything about almost all the activities in the warehouse and must have experience in them. Experience is the prominent demand of this position because you’ll have to supervise a team of warehouse associates. The average salary of a warehouse manager in the UK is more than 32 thousand pounds annually.


A receiver at a warehouse is responsible for receiving shipments and maintaining a fair and verified record of them. You have to ensure that everything is received in good condition. Apart from this, you’ll be responsible for checking the packing lists, recording damages, and confirming the number of containers. The average salary of a receiver at a warehouse in the UK is more than 18 thousand pounds annually.

Shipping and receiving

This is again a job that demands much experience. In this, a person is responsible for picking and packing orders, looking at some of the management work, checking inventory and documenting orders, etc. The average salary for this job is more than 22 thousand pounds per year.

It’s not difficult to apply for a warehouse job in the UK. If you are well experienced, you can go for the jobs mentioned above. You can also apply for some other warehouse jobs even without experience.