7 Reasons Art Enthusiasts Like Originals


The world is full of beauty. As humans, we are uniquely gifted by both the ability to appreciate this beauty and create it for ourselves.

By the grace of our admiration of aesthetics, we want to see as much beauty as we can. Better yet, we want to incorporate it into our homes and our lives. Therefore, we put so much thought into home decoration.

Buying art is a unique experience, much like a quest. You may need to travel from one place to another, whether it is from your home to an art gallery or perhaps even to the art scene of another locale.

However, this adventure does not have to be a physical one. Now, you can experience this yourself from the comfort of your home because you can easily buy art online.

But what kind of art should you buy? The prevailing idea is that the original art costs a lot, and it is much easier to get a simple print.

Framed up, it looks just as impressive anyway, right? Well, here are some advantages of original art that may change your mind.

A Stronger Connection

You have probably heard of the T.S. Eliot quote that says, “The journey, Not the destination matters…”

When you buy original art, you have the benefit of both. You will be getting a full experience, not just crossing another item off your shopping list.

By taking the time to consider what kind of art you want on your walls, you will be able to learn more about yourself, what you value, and the way you see the world.

You will pick and choose the best piece for yourself and the space you are trying to fill. Meanwhile, you will be able to get to know more people.

When you obtain original art, you have the chance to meet and talk to the person who created it. You cannot do that with a mass-produced item.

Besides, you will also be investing in the artist’s future, supporting their efforts and making sure that they can create even more art.

Sharing the Story

Most of us like to be complimented on how our homes look. We do not just want to hear praise about how clean and tidy that space is.

We would also love to hear about our sense of style or how beautifully we have arranged things. With original art, you get to enhance this.

A striking piece not only elicits compliments but also piques interest. You will find yourself having the opportunity to share how you obtained the art and the story and meaning of the piece itself.

Part of the Provenance

We all want to leave a mark on the world. That is why we work so hard to become “successful.” But when you buy original art, you automatically become a part of history.

There is a lot of value in original artwork. Therefore, when the authenticity of artwork comes into question, its provenance – its past owners – becomes something to be scrutinised. One day, you might become the key to this process.

Greater Admiration

When you transfer a piece of literature from one language to another, you lose a lot in translation.

Something similar happens in the art world. When artwork is mass-produced, it loses many layers of definition.

Brushstrokes become mere colour, and texture is often obliterated. When light hits a print, all you see is glare.

But when observed under different lighting, original art can show you a unique side of itself. If you preserve the original, you can appreciate all these tiny details.

Value in Scarcity

Another reason why art enthusiasts love original pieces is because of its inherent value. You will never be able to find this piece anywhere else, and its beauty is a sight that few can behold.

Of course, some prefer to hoard this privilege. Meanwhile, others love to share it. It is up to you what to do with this gift when you have it yourself.

Either way, you know you own something truly precious, if only because no one else has it.

An Eye on the Future

Art is an investment. You never know who will become famous later or what trends will arise. But like property, the value of art will only go up.

The caveat to this is that the work must be an original piece, not some reproduction without any provenance. Getting original art can put you in the market of the future.

Cost and Value

One thing may indeed be of value to different people, and this can be the case with art too. Something that looks like it costs a fortune may be affordable after all.

But the value of it to you may be worth the price you paid for it. If you consider your budget and take a good look at what is available, you might find that original art is not as expensive as you thought it would be.

Considering all that you are getting out of it, you will find that an original is worth much more than a reproduction, even at the same cost.