5 Tips for Working Remotely in Another Country


As technology continuously improves, more people are able to work remotely for companies all over the world. This means that many people are working with colleagues from other countries. These five tips will make it easier to work remotely with people from other countries.

1. Eliminate Language Barriers

One of the biggest challenges for international workplaces is eliminating language barriers and communicating effectively. If you are not fluent in the languages your coworkers speak, using translation services can help you understand each other. For example, a person in the USA working for a company in France may use a French translation service to translate important documents.

2. Recognize Cultural Differences

All cultures do things a little differently, and recognizing and appreciating these differences is necessary for a harmonious workplace. You should be aware that your gestures and phrases may not mean the same thing in every culture. Researching such differences can help you avoid offending or confusing your colleagues. Different countries also have different norms associated with work style, such as longer lunch breaks. It is important to be respectful of these online time clock differences.

3. Be Aware of Time Zones

When working with people all over the world, the middle of the afternoon for you may be the middle of the night for someone else. Remember to be respectful of other people’s time off, as you would want them to do for you. Having a separate clock on you work phone or computer telling you what time it is for your colleagues is a great way to make sure you never accidently contact them at the wrong time.

4. Know Their Holidays

Different countries and groups of people celebrate different holidays. Be aware of what days your coworkers have off to observe such holidays, so that you do not interrupt their celebrations.

5. Enjoy it

Learning about different countries and cultures can be a wonderful and educational experience. Take advantage of every opportunity to listen to your colleagues as they tell you about their home and their lives, and secure remote access be sure to do the same for them. They are probably just as curious about your culture and traditions as you are about theirs.

If the ability to work remotely has created opportunities for you to work with people in different countries, be sure to try your best to eliminate language barriers, recognize cultural differences, be aware of time zone differences, know their holidays and enjoy it. This will make it a more pleasant and enriching experience for everyone.