5 Effective Marketing Tips for Independent Contractors


The world of independent contracting has been around for a long time, but in the recent age of information technology and social media, the number of independent contractors in various industries has greatly increased. More and more professionals are opening up their businesses and becoming their bosses as they offer their expertise as independent contractors to various clients. 

Thanks largely to the internet and the power of social media, independent contractors find it easier to grow their market and gain more clients. However, also due to the internet and social media, the competition is fiercer for independent contractors across all industries. Here are a few marketing tips for independent contractors as they expand their clientele base. 

  1. Build your brand. Determine what makes you stand out from the competition and highlight all your strengths and abilities and that your prices are comparable. Registering your business gives you an edge as you get to connect with other contractors that can be part of your network. 
  2. Harness the power of the Internet. Put up a sleek and professional-looking website that will contain all of your credentials and achievements. Credibility is important, so be sure to list all your certifications, licenses, and awards, where applicable. Make the website easily navigable and that all information is complete. 
  3. Take advantage of social media. Almost everyone has at least one social media account where they spend a lot of their time browsing through. Get your brand and service on the platform by creating engaging posts that will be sure to pique the interest of your target market. Most networks and connections are made through social media, so use different platforms to market your business. 
  4. Get referrals. Your clients are your best marketing tools because they help spread the word on your expertise and quality. Ask clients to give reviews or testimonials on their experience with you and add them to your social media accounts and your website. Of course, be sure that your clients receive stellar service so they will surely recommend you to their friends and family, which is most often the quickest way to add new clients. 
  5. Be physically visible. Advertise yourself through podcasts, vlogs, or video interviews whenever possible. You can also contribute your expertise by writing articles or contributing content to various blogs or news platforms. Make sure your name is heard or read for more effective brand recall. 

Of course, some independent contractors may not have all the time to go through the entire process and will need the help of a contractor marketing agency. Part of the contractor marketing services includes building the website and using various campaigns to help boost brand presence. A good contractor marketing agency can do all the work that you might not have enough time or expertise to accomplish. DIGITTO Media offers effective strategies that will help get your brand noticed and put your business on people’s radar as they study and analyze user behavior online. Interested in learning how they do it? Contact DIGITTO Media and see what they can do for an independent contractor like you. Please visit here for more details: https://www.digittomedia.com/contractor-marketing-services-agency