Why Is Quitting An Addiction So Hard?


People often blamed those who are addicted to drugs, alcohol, or gambling on poor willpower or self-control.  But the fact of the matter is most that is addictions are developed as a sort of coping mechanism to the various stressors in life.  There is no point in looking at an addict as a sort of a criminal or a nuisance or an inconvenience.  The truth is that many of them are aware about their own situation and want to change it.  However because of the physical dependencies that many of these substances create on the body, they find it hard to quit addictions despite them wanting to do so very badly.  A lot of people find themselves trying to quit drugs or alcohol but end up giving up really fast because it is harder than the imagined.  It is for these people that a rehab facility, such as one for alcohol rehab is one of the most ideal choices to curb their addictions.

Why Is It So Hard To Quit My Addictions?

There are two reasons as to why it may be hard for somebody who has an addiction to quit it immediately.  The first reason is purely physical.  When you consume drugs or alcohol your body develop a physical dependency on those substances.  Your body begins to crave these substances and your mind send you a signal stating that you should consume them. Numerous studies conducted on various animals as well as after examining human beings who have addictions have demonstrated that it can often be out of the control of someone who has an addiction to deal with them properly.  Therefore there is no point in blaming the person who is addicted but it is important to get them the help that they need and that they deserve.

The second reason as to why people may find it hard to deal with the addictions is because of the triggers that they face in the current environment.  For instance, if an addict is accustomed to drinking 3 times a day in his own house, then it can be hard for him to put an end to that habit if he continues to stay in the same environment.  It is therefore for this reason that a lot of people advocate a change in environment for those who want to deal with their addiction.

What Should I Keep In Mind Before Going To Rehab?

If you have decided to go to rehab, you have done the first and the most important step required toward the process of recovery – that is, you have recognised that there is a problem in the first place that you need to deal with.

Before deciding on a rehab, it is important to do your research and select a facility that is known for its commitment to its clients and for its good and safe environment. The de-addiction process should be carried out in a safe and scientific manner.  You can check the website of a potential facility and Google it to check if it is the right fit for you.