3 Ways Restaurants Can Transition To Digital Services


In this post-COVID environment, restaurants are looking at all the ways they can reduce customer touchpoints and maintain an appropriate, social distance.  Contactless service may be the wave of the future, so it would be wise to start considering those merchant services that will keep both your employees and customers feeling comfortable and safe.

Consumers are still hesitant to dine inside their favorite restaurants. That’s why the past summer has been especially good for those restaurants that had the opportunity to provide take-out or curbside delivery, and the space to set up outdoor dining areas. But, there are other ways to decrease the touchpoints in restaurants and bars.

Contactless Payment Services

Merchant services will allow your food service operations to accept customer payments via a mobile card reader that includes credit, debit, or other electronic payment platforms. These transactions are instant, seamless and use secure PCI-compliant. Not only can your restaurant accept electronic payments, but many merchant platform services offer reporting that will allow you to understand your seotastic business better by tracking payments and collecting invoices that are still outstanding.

Your customers can receive a payment received notification on their smartphone, along with how much they tipped the wait service. Contactless payments for restaurants are not safe for both business and customer, they are also very convenient.

Digital Menus and Ordering

Digital menu boards eliminate one of the most bacteria-ridden items that can be passed between the customer and waiters – the restaurant menu. With today’s technology ,the plastic or paper menu can be totally eliminated with the use of one or both of the following – a digital menu board similar to a large, flat-screen TV mounted on a convenient wall space or online digital menus that can be easily accessed via your customer’s mobile devices.

Not only can your customers see your menu selections and pricing, they can also place their orders while sitting in your restaurant, but online instead of in-person. This will also reduce much of the conversation between staff and patron, but not completely. You still want to allow your customers the opportunity to discuss flavors, cooking techniques, or the special-of-the-day.

Touchless Reservations and Check-in

And finally, touch check-in allows your reserved restaurant guests to remain in their car or in a special socializing area until their party is ready to be seated. And since capacity limitations are in-place for indoor dining, touchless reservations remove your staff’s burden of limited crowds. Let the online reservation system handle it, and your indoor dining operations will continue to move safely and smoothly along.