With The Increase In Local Manufacturing, Are We Going To See A Rise In The Quality Of Industrial Ovens? 


As the push to revive Australia’s manufacturing sector continues to build momentum, local markets are set to reap the benefits of the nation’s higher product and regulatory standards that result in superior products. Long before the pandemic, DRYSYS have been a leading Australian manufacturer of high-quality Industrial ovens fit for all commercial and industrial purposes. Ranging from Adhesive Curving to Drying Ovens, DRYSYS are specialists across construction, testing and commissioning bespoke ovens that are easily adapted to existing processes and production lines.

As the Federal Government pledges a $1.5 billion investment into the sector, there is a strong sense that existing manufacturers with local supply chains will be better positioned to respond to an immediate increase in demand for their products. The Modern Manufacturing Strategy (MMS) is a 10-year initiative aimed at establishing stable economic grounds that improve local industrial relations by way of local employment, scalability and resilience to external shock. According to Quality Management expert at SAI Global, Said Nikdel, the “MMS has [already] helped hundreds of manufacturers in Australia manage their risk through standards, assurance and training”. For businesses transitioning from international manufacturing, it is inevitable that they will enjoy the benefits of conforming to Australia’s quality standards but how quickly they can start producing the goods is unknown.  As the aerospace, automobile, defence and plastics industries will all derive employment and tax incentives to purchase locally under the MMS, leading Australian manufacturers such as DRYSYS are equipped with a tried and tested system of engineering and producing industrial ovens for all purposes and it is very likely that this government incentive will increase demand of locally made industrial ovens through this increased scale.

The combination of Australia’s uptick of local production, and the higher quality standards, each local manufacturer is now accountable to suggest the superior-grade Australian goods are going to be widely available over a longer period of time.  Recent numbers around the Australian Performance of Manufacturing Index (Australian PMI) showed an increase of “3.5 points to 58.8 in February 2021, with the stronger pace of recovery delivering the index’s highest monthly result since March 2018”. This highlights the increasing rate of expansion of local manufacturing brought about by Government Investment, markets loyalty and also gives industry the opportunity to commit to and benefit from local quality for an extended period of time without being short-circuited by international disruptions. Companies like DRYSYS, who work directly with their clients in the design and installation phase of their production to optimise satisfaction and negate international shock, have had a 30-year head start in certifying to Quality Management System ISO 9001 and OHS Management System ISO 45001 that are standards that make Australian-made products a luxury item in the international market.

The pandemic triggered a raft of support for Australian-made products and according to a Roy Morgan study, “nine out of 10 Australians prefer to shop Australian-made and owned”. Combined with the aid of the Governments Modern Manufacturing Strategy and existing expertise, loyal businesses such as DRYSYS are primed to ramp up production and provide the local market with superior-grade industrial ovens that service the industrial application areas of: Adhesive Curving, Pre-Heating, Paint Curving, Composite Ovens and Sealer Curving fit for any production line.