Winning strategy practices to play Roulette


There are many online gambling games operated by many gambling sites like Roulette is one of the top online gambling games, played and desired by most of the gamblers. Generally, every game has strategies for winning. But it depends upon the game scenario and player’s tactics. Similarly, Roulette has also a few strategies, which will be discussed in this article.

Strategy 1: Martingale strategy

In a martingale strategy, the first to win will regain all the losses from the previous moves along with some profits for the gambler. The great advantage of this strategy is if you bet on a single coin with some colour, you either win or lose. You can double the bet on the same coin and if you win after losses by doubling you can regain your money lost from your previous chances. The great disadvantage is, for how many times the black coin win may, but you cannot predict the next will be a red colour. Another drawback is in some scenarios you might lose all your money and at that time even if you win you will be red. You need to play for another big bet to repay.

  1. Always start from small bets and then eventually double your bets
  2. Bet a small amount on a roulette table for black or red side, Even or Odd, 1-18 or 19-36.
  3. If you have won the bet, do not keep all money as betting for the next round. Save some for you and bet the remaining.
  4. If you have lost, double the bet on the same coloured coin.
  5. I suppose you have won on the second bet, proceed for the third by placing a small amount or leave the game.
  6. To maximize your odds, double your bet till you lose all money, or the roulette table is full.

Strategy 2: The Reverse Martingale strategy

In a reverse martingale strategy, if you win, you will increase your bet, and if you lose, you will decrease your bets. So either you earn more or lose more.

  1. Always choose a small bet on black or red side, Even or Odd, 1-18 or 19-36 on the roulette table and then maximize
  2. Keep betting until you win a bet on your coin
  3. Once that happens, double the bet on the same coloured coin.
  4. If you lose, your entire bet will be lost.

Strategy 3: The D’Alembert strategy

This strategy is less risky and safe when compared to Martingale and reverse martingale strategy. D’Alembert is an even probability betting system In this strategy; you need to increase your bet by one instead of doubling.

  1. Start with small starting bets on even or odd as well as 1-18 0r 19-36
  2. If you win decrease the bet by one and if you loss increase the bet by 1
  3. Keep playing until you meet up with as many losses as wins.

There are several more strategies. The strategies discussed in this article are being widely followed by the gamblers.