Will Your Home Insurance Pay For Sewage Backup Cleanup Services Beaverton Oregon?


    Having a sewage backup is nothing short of a disaster. It’s a nightmare and a nasty malodorous one. Just like disasters though, they happen, and you might need to call on professional sewage backup cleanup services Beaverton Oregon. Depending on the extent of damage, these could be very expensive services to procure and you might be wondering if your home insurance would pay for it. Well, read on.

    Does Home Insurance Cover Sewage Backup?

    Ordinarily, they don’t. Insurance agencies do not include water backup coverage in the home insurance policies they offer to clients. Thus, if there’s a sewage backup, you’d have to deal with it on your own.

    However, they do offer to cover for water backup as an optional endorsement. So, if you like, you can always call your insurance agent and have him/her add it to your insurance policy. Before you say no though, here are a few reasons you should want a water backup coverage.


    • There Could Be Serious Damages


    There could be damages to your home’s structure, electrical gadgets, or your furniture and fitting amongst other things. Repairing these damages could cost you a lot financially. If you are covered though, you can rest easy.

    In the case of a sewage backup specifically, just the cost of getting sewage backup cleanup services Beaverton Oregon might be a burden too much to bear in a given moment. You can avoid that now.


    • Don’t Think It Won’t Happen to You


    True, some people have never experienced severe water backup problems, or have been lucky enough to catch the signs early and prevent it. That doesn’t mean it is a myth. It happens, and you could fall prey too. Save yourself from any future expenses right now by getting that option added to your home insurance.


    • It Qualifies You for Added Benefits


    Added benefit in this context means, you can file a loss of use claim in the rare case that the water backup situation makes your home unlivable. In doing so, you wouldn’t need to worry about paying for the hotel fees you and your family are staying in as the insurance agency would have to cover it.

    Loss of use also extends to any other of your property that might have been damaged by the water back up problem. Just make sure there is proof enough for your claims adjuster to approve you for loss of use. Then, you’ll be reimbursed for any extra expenses you incur due to the loss of use of the property.


    • It Is Considerably Cheap


    Generally, adding the option for water backup coverage to your home insurance policy doesn’t cost much. In fact, the cost is somewhere between $50 – $250 annually. Although, if you have several pipes in your building and property, and want to include them all in the policy, then it might cost a little higher than usual. Still, given the loss you might one day be reimbursed for, it’s worth the money.

    While water backup is a problem, sewage backup is a more serious one. It makes you uncomfortable in your own home and also puts your health in danger. If you have ever experience one, it is best you call on professional sewage backup cleanup services Beaverton Oregon and not attempt to do the cleanup yourself.