Signs That You Should Give More Attention to Your Emotional Health While Maintaining Physical Health by Drinking Water Filtered Using Big Berkey


    Life presents plenty of challenges. You decide to keep moving forward even if you’re already having a difficult time. There are even times when you already feel exhausted, but you have to keep going. Your family depends on you, and you don’t want to let them down. Along the way, you forget to give enough attention to both your physical and mental health. It helps always to drink water and have a bottle with you wherever you go. With water filtered by Big Berkey by your side, you can at least stay healthy. It’s more complicated when it comes to mental health. You might already be in trouble without noticing it. These are the signs that you should pay enough attention to your mental health.

    You no longer enjoy the things you used to love

    When you face problems, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have a mental health problem. Everyone goes through this difficult stage. The good thing is that even if you have problems, there are still a few things that make you happy. For instance, if you’re into golf, you have something to look forward to for the weekends. You will at least have a reason to smile. It only becomes an issue if even the things you love doing are no longer making you happy. You start running out of interest in doing almost anything. If you reached this phase, it shows that you could have deeper emotional issues to address.

    You always sleep

    Sure, you need to get enough sleep to stay healthy. You need it to allow your cells to repair and recover. It only becomes a problem when you end your day without accomplishing anything. You didn’t do anything else apart from sleeping. It could mean that you have lost motivation in life. Instead of working hard to be productive, you decided to give up. However, you should also consult with your doctor in regards to this problem. Feeling sleepy all the time might not be about a mental health problem, but a physical issue.

    You easily lose interest 

    There are times when you still try doing a few things to make you active and productive, but you don’t see things through. You’re not even halfway with what you’re doing, and you already lost interest. It could mean that you don’t feel happy anymore. You don’t find anything interesting, even if you used to have a go-getter attitude. However, just like always feeling sleepy, there could be a physical health reason behind your lack of interest in life. Even if your mind tells you to keep going, your body isn’t capable of doing it.

    You become forgetful

    Most people think that forgetfulness is related to brain deterioration. It could be an onset of dementia or other neurological issues. It’s true, especially among seniors. If you’re not yet at that age, but you start to be too forgetful, it could be a sign that you have a mental health issue. Instead of facing your problems, you would rather forget them. You pretend that everything is okay, and nothing bothers you. In the process, you forget even the crucial things in life.

    You don’t feel like eating anything 

    Another sign that you’re mentally unhealthy is that you lose appetite. You used to love eating, and you suddenly dislike doing it. You also notice a drastic weight change. It could also be the other way. You overeat and not care about looking good anymore. You don’t see the value of staying fit, so you decide to eat whatever you want. Any change in eating habits could be an alarming sign of a mental health problem.

    You didn’t go through an emotional process

    Some people might say that you have a mental health issue if you keep on crying. The truth is that when you cry, you can at least process your emotions. You allow yourself to be vulnerable and feel the pain of whatever you’re going through. It’s a problem if something terrible happened to you, and you didn’t seem to care about it. Days or even weeks have passed, and you haven’t even cried or had an emotional outburst. It’s a sign that you’re unwilling to process your emotions. It stays inside you and could manifest at a later point in life.

    Things you need to do 

    Understanding these signs is the first step. It’s good that you acknowledge the problem. You can at least go through the next stages after accepting that you have a mental health issue.

    After accepting it, you need to ask for help from experts. There are mental health care providers out there who are willing to lend a hand. You don’t even have to go to that stage if you can find someone you trust who can talk to you about your problems. Sometimes, it helps to have an outlet. Being able to express yourself is already good enough in some instances.

    There’s no shame in admitting a problem

    One reason people tend not to give attention to mental health is that there’s a stigma in society. People who accept that they go through a lot are often judged as crazy. They’re feared instead of understood.

    If you feel the same way, you shouldn’t. In fact, you’re extremely brave for admitting the problem. You show that you have accepted the reality and willing to go through a process towards recovery.

    You should be afraid of seeing a mental health expert either. Talking to a counselor doesn’t mean you have to take medications. There’s also no pressure to speak up and share everything. You can say whatever you’re comfortable with sharing, and your counselor will take it from there. Be patient and allow yourself to go through the complicated process. Once you get out of this situation, you will be a better and stronger person. You can conquer whatever lies ahead