Why Choose A Facelift Procedure Over Fillers?


Folks want a fresh, young look that expresses their feelings. As non-surgical cosmetic therapies are growing day by day, we have several patients talking about dermal fillers. Treatments such as bottles and BOTOX® Topical are ideal for enhancing fine lines and replacing the lost volume at an early age. However, patients who often battle with deeper lines, saggy skin, or square-shaped faces are not worried about nonsurgical procedures concerns. Usually, these concerns are not addressed.

When comparing Facelift Toronto with non-surgical procedures, there are distinct advantages and limitations. There are three reasons why a facelift should be preferred over dermal fillers.

  1. See More Dramatic Results

Face-lifts are definitely a more detailed method but are still more dramatic. Ideal applicants for a facelift have some common problems, for example:

  • Folds, deep wrinkles, and thin skin
  • Cheeks with Sunken and a hollow appearance
  • Droopy soft tissue along the jowls and neck

Loose skin and muscle weakness cannot be cured by injections alone. It is necessary to cut the skin surgically and reposition the tissue. A facelift creates a greater and more comprehensive transformation by tackling all these problems together.

  1. Compare the Costs

Due to their lower price point, fillers are very common. Although the visible signs of aging can be concealed easily, they still have a shorter life cycle and need to be refreshed every 6-12 months. This inevitably leads to increased costs and more time spent in the plastic operating department.

A facelift needs greater spending at an upstream stage but allows long-term savings. The effects can also last up to 10 years – much longer than the period of injectable therapies.

  1. Craft a Custom Treatment

Facelifts have various solutions with a wide range of benefits.  some of the most common are:

  • A complete Facelift— rejuvenates the bottom two-thirds of the face, which provides the most effective results
  • Mini facelift – a minimal incision procedure on the bottom side that corrects early symptoms of aging
  • Endoscopic lifting – less invasive than conventional lifting systems that focus on under eyes to the cheeks

These various aspects of facial lifting are adapted to the unique facial structure of each patient. If it is combined with other procedures – including a chin and cheek augmentation – we will tailor the treatment to best suit your needs. For getting the best results, you have to consult the best surgeon.