What type of socket tester should you get?


A socket tester can be referred to as a portable electrical instrument that is used for the purpose of testing the wiring standards on the outlets of power sockets. A socket tester is mainly a handheld device that can either be plugged directly into the socket with the pins present on the tester, or the tester comes with a plug or a short lead that can be connected to the power outlet.

Depending on the type of socket tester that you have and the sophistication of the same, you can check a variety of conditions of the wires like disconnected phases, reverse phases and even Earth loop impedance.

Most socket testers display the test results on the basis of light-emitting diodes (LEDs). Some testers also allow the user to check for Earth leakage by just pushing a button. Socket testers are used for testing domestic and industrial voltages as well as pin configurations.

Power sockets make up the maximum number of electrical devices found in homes and commercial buildings. Power sockets also make up the first line of contact between the consumer and the power grid. Therefore, the correct and safe operation of a power socket is of critical importance. Regular tests are needed to check for any fault in the power socket. However, the presence of a large number of sockets at a single venue can make this task very time-consuming. The use of a socket tester can increase the speed of the process and give correct information regarding the status of tested sockets.

The socket testers are usually portable and small units that are no more than a couple of square inches. These are either equipped with pin sets mounted on the casing or they come with their own leads and separate plugs. Once the socket tester is plugged into the socket, the LED gives an indication of the condition of the socket.

Some of these socket testers also come with ground fault test button which allows the person who is checking the socket to also check for earth leakage units.

There are primarily three types of socket testers

Simple socket test

  • Checks that the socket is functioning properly.
  • Detects line reversal
  • Detects presence of earth

Advanced socket tester

  • Checks that the socket is functional
  • Detect the presence of neutral Orlando versus
  • Detects Earth presence
  • Detects Earth loop impedance

Professional circuit tester 

  • Checks that the socket is functioning the right way
  • Detects line or neutral reversals
  • Detects earth presence
  • Detects Earth loop impedance values
  • Displays the value of Earth loop impedance

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