What to Expect in the Rise of the Solar Industry.



Solar energy is increasingly becoming popular in the United States. The industry grows with an average annual rate of 49%. This growth is attributed to the continuous fall in the price of solar energy. 

However, there will be a need for a new design of solar cells that will capture more sunlight and efficiently transform this energy into electricity. If the cost of energy production from sunlight becomes even cheaper, energy producers and consumers will switch to this form of energy. 

The first option that should be considered is hardware that collects more sunlight. It will be great if the system tracks the direction of the sun and collects more throughout the day. 

Another option is to improve solar cells so that they can convert sunlight even more efficiently. Or reducing the cost of solar cells. Silicon solar cells are cheaper and they have significantly reduced the cost of solar energy. 

Thankfully newly developed solar technologies have not only made solar energy more convenient to use. It is also no longer boring. In the past, you need a large parcel of land to collect solar energy. That has changed over the years. 

There are now floating solar farms. These solar systems are created are dams, reservoirs, and other water bodies. Floating solar farms are less expensive when installed. They are also naturally cooled by the water hence they are more efficient compared to the ones that are installed on land.

There is also BIPV solar technology that blends nicely into building designs. They are designed in the form of roofs, canopies, skylight systems, facades, and curtain walls. The BIPV looks attractive and it usually complements building designs instead of compromising its look. 

Another modern solar technology is the solar fabric. Researchers want to make solar an even more convenient source of energy. That is why they are also developing solar fabrics. In this case, solar elements will be embedded in clothes such as jackets, coats, and t-shirts. These fabrics will keep the users warm while providing power for charging phones and others. This means they can get access to solar power everywhere they go. 

The US Department of Energy is also planning to develop solar power from the noise barriers that have been installed in the country. 

The future looks bright with all these technological advancements and with the gradual reduction in the cost of this renewable energy, the industry is also expanding. This has also expanded the solar leads market. There are lots of solar lead contractors who are also seeking to tap into the expanding markets. 

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