Types of Webpages Every SEO Pro Should Know About


There are various types of web pages when we come to online media. Each of these pages is unique in its ways and characterized by several parameters exclusive only to them. Every page needs to be seen as a landing page and optimized for maximum reach and SEO. If a page is relevant to a reader or visitor, it automatically increases the overall appeal and relevance of the website on search engines. The best SEO company in India will help you know about the top webpages you should work on. 

Home Page 

More often than not, most visitors are sure to reach this website page when they first come across a relevant website. This website should be treated like a person’s face as this sends across the strongest impression to every visitor, and hence, extra attention should be given to the home page. Use subtle colors and set the tone for the entire webpage. 

Design the home page so that it acts like a pivot connecting all other sub webpages within the website, making it convenient for the user to navigate across the sections. Hire an expert from a top Digital Marketing Agency in India to know more.

About Us Page 

The about us page is another very crucial part of any website. This website has the potential to draw an appropriate audience a step ahead and closer to your organization. This section must feature the overall motto, principle, and key offerings to the audience. A well-structured and framed about us page increases the credibility and sends a good message to every visitor, allowing the audience to feel more connected to the website. 

Contact Us Page 

Whenever a prospective client searches for your organization on any search engine, they must come across the contact us page of your website. This will help your page increase its credibility, and the audience will know that your website is not a fraudulent word. It is the easiest way clients can reach your business as well. Use maps, keyword searches, and hashtags that are most relevant to your location and locale. 

Product Category and Sub Category Pages

When you run an eCommerce website in specific, prospective buyers’ chances to come to your website are mostly what you will target when setting up a website. Building a product category webpage in the most structured and appealing manner will help users navigate better and find things they need. 

Introducing the sub-categories will also help you funnel the user’s attention to the niche they are searching for. A more viable and relevant webpage that grabs the visitor’s attention, like always helps your page be listed and ranked better in most search engines. 

Product Detail Pages

When you talk of credibility, the product description pages need to be framed so that whenever a prospective client walks onto the search engines and looks up a specific search ta, your product gets featured on the search results. This will help your clients reach you faster and come across your products faster. 

You can only understand the effectiveness of your product listing pages after a good amount of trial and error, as you will need to understand what the prospect wants or is looking for in the description. Analyzing the time spent on the page will show how much the visitor is paying attention and spending time on your website. 

FAQ Pages

You may overlook this page thinking of it as a popular site extension, but this is where the magic happens. Think about it! Whenever a prospective buyer wants to know specifics of your products, they will look out for the same on the search engines. A well-framed and more relevant FAQ page will drive traffic to your website. This will also help you divert the traffic into other specific pages like the homepage or the product page, further persuading the buyer to buy the product. 

While these are the main pages that you must focus on, several other web pages like blogs, articles, etc. These also hold considerable importance, but the pages mentioned above are ones you just can’t afford to skip. If you are to become an SEO expert, definitely consider spending quite a good amount of time building that perfect webpage. 

Last but not the least, if you are not a professional web designer, it is better to take help of any website designing company in India. They have vast experience in creating SEO-friendly website with aesthetic look. If your website doesn’t meet seo parameters, all your efforts will go in vain.