Top 10 Popular Cakes


Everything about a cake tempts us to the core, be it, that its unmatched appeal or its exotic taste. Cake makes the highlight of every happy occasion/ festival, be it on birthdays, anniversaries, etc. or on Christmas, Diwali, etc. In other words, people attend these special events to relish a piece or two of a cake, gracing the occasion. Some like to bake a cake in the honour of their loved ones, while some others love to order cake online to grace various special days of one’s life.No matter, which caste, creed, fender or nationality you belong to, cakes unites us all. Talking about cakes uniting people across boundaries, these are top 10 popular cakes that you need to try out if you haven’t already. ‘Coz life is too short to keep trying out the same kind of cakes, all over again.

  • Banana Cake – One of the all-time favourite tea cakes, banana cakes are those moist cakes which are known for its strong aroma due to the presence of ripe/overripe bananas in it. It is subtly sweet which is what makes it perfect for tea parties, kitty parties and other such gatherings.
  • Pineapple Upside Down Cake – One never knew that a citrus fruit like pineapple could complement a traditionally sweet cake in this amazing manner. The refreshing taste of this cake is equally going to delight you as its beautiful appeal.
  • Lemon Cake – Never thought lemons could make a wonderful cake ingredient. Isn’t it? Well, the lemony flavour which when added to a sugary cake is sure to leave you spellbound with its unmatched taste, flavour and appeal. If you are a fan of simple cakes, then this is the cake you need to relish.
  • Black Forest Cake – Bringing the exoticness in cakes, a German- origin Black Forest cake is sure to win anyone’s heart, effortlessly with its rich taste and buttery-sweet flavour.
  • Cheesecake – There are two things which can’t be said NO to. One is cheese and the other is a cake. Bringing these two scrumptious delights together in and as a cake, it will be hard for you to say no a scrumptious cake as a cheesecake.
  • Vanilla Cake – To the most traditional, simple yet sweet cake flavour, a vanilla cake is close to everyone’s heart. There are many varieties of this vanilla cake which bakers have made available in the cake industry- each one of which is worthy of your try.
  • Red Velvet Cake – Soaring the feelings of love, desire and romance, the sweet token of baked love, i.e a red velvet cake is quite an endearing choice. From its bright red colour to its stunning texture, this cake when gifted speaks of your love for the other person.
  • Chocolate Cake – People of all age groups, all around the world would love it gorge on a piece or two of a chocolate cake. There are chocolate truffles, chocolate mocha cake, chocolate lava cake and chocolate oreo cake, among many other of its delicious variations.
  • Coffee Cake – This one especially for all the coffee lovers. Coffee cakes are much loved by all the people because of its aroma, delightful taste and the brown texture. You have to give coffee cakes a try at least, once in your lifetime.
  • Funfetti Cake – Adding colours to a regular buttercream white cake, a funfetti cake is every little one’s favourite and a dream come true birthday cake for their special days. Brimming with colourful sprinkles, inside out, this cake ends us spreading happiness, joy and love. So, bake or order a funfetti cake, right away!

So, what are you in the mood of relishing?